Monday, July 23, 2012

Catholic Relief Services supports contraception!!!

Yet CRS keeps on denying it!


One hand makes the sign of the cross while the right hand holds a dagger that would treacherously kill.


And it is even more shameful that two Knights of Columbus voted to legislate GAY MARRIAGE in New York.

Shameful for the Supreme Council!!!

You suspend members for not paying their annual dues but not because they support legislation that is against Catholic teaching!!!



UPDATE: July 24, 2012

Mr. John Rivera, the Director of Communications of Catholic Relief Services posted his comments about this blog post.  He even leads us to the link where they deny involvement with any organization supporting projects that are contrary to the moral teachings of the Church.

Scroll down to the link he sent, and you'll find most if not majority of those who commented will BOYCOTT Catholic Relief Services.



  1. The only thing seriously missing in this post is this: "VERY WELL SAID!"

  2. This video is completely unfair and inaccurate. It is not true to say that Catholic Relief Services supports contraception. This headline is irresponsible. Please read the CRS response to this. The moral theologian who sits on the bishops' pro-life committee said we are not violating Church teaching.

    1. Mr. Rivera, have you read how many in your website has expressed dismay at the action of CRS and how your press release did little to calm the disappointment of millions of Catholics who pour in millions into your organization? Obviously, you failed in your job as Director for Communications!

  3. Regarding the KofC, hwat can you say about this:

    Seems they too cave in to the Spirit of V2 Rocket?