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Communion in the Hand is just so wrong!

Bishop Schneider distributing Holy Communion...........the right and reverent way!

From - here is the English translation from one of my fave bishops who deserves the RED HAT more than those who actually have them now.

I have mentioned some names here.

Imagine if that bishop I criticized here before were a cardinal, and then........

Imagine the wacko reaction of the looney tune from down South

Well...he needs a shrink.

Moving on!


 "The more committees, the more proceedings, the more fear of public opinion and the politically correct, the less there will be real reforms in the Church."  [Can I hear a very big and long AAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!]

This is what Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider from Astana in Kazakhstan said on Pentecost Sunday at the Swabian pilgrimage Maria Vesperbild.

For Msgr Schneider it is "more than clear that the Church has experienced a great crisis."  [Oooooo....The bishop is also a SECRET SSPX?  Ha!]

Communion is Handed out Like Bread

The crisis shows itself in its most gripping in the declining Liturgy, for the prelate: "Today's manner of receiving Communion spread throughout the world is a great wound."  [As I said before, it brought more harm than good to the Church.]

The body of Christ has been received "without recognizable sacral gestures of worship".

Hand communion leaves one with the impression as if one is taking a regular meal, which "one puts in ones' own mouth".

The Bible gives a different example of reverence

Msgr Schneider recalled that the angel and prophets in Holy Scripture knelt before Jesus Christ:

"How great is the contrast between today's widely spread form of hand communion with the minimalistic signs of reverence on the one side and the glorious examples in Holy Scripture and the examples of Catholics from the past two thousand years, and also the edifying examples of our own associates, parents, grandparents on the other side."

The example of the Pope

Msgr Schneider recalled then that Pope Benedict XVI has been distributing Holy Communion in the mouth since Corpus Christi of 2008 to the faithful on their knees:

"A true Catholic, and even more a Catholic Bishop, can not ignore the Pope's gestures."  [Well unfortunately, the modernists think they need to change and make the Church adapt to the times to make it more Catholic.  Right Fr. Percy Bacani and Fr. Genilo?]

That would be a true renewal

For the Auxiliary Bishop it would be a poignant sign of Faith if all the Masses world-wide "were brought back to clear signs of reverence, silence, the holiness of the music".  [Can I hear another very big and long AAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!]

He criticized the supper table very carefully: priests and people should interiorly and exteriorly look together upon Christ -- he said.  [That is why we should not be looking at each other across the table like what we do in dinner tables.  We should be looking toward the same direction, like in an ALTAR.]

All faithful should "receive the body of Christ self-evidently in the state of sanctifying grace, having gone too confession, and to receive it directly in the mouth with the piety of a child."

In this Msgr Schneider sees "powerful sings of a true renewal in the Church".

In such Masses a God fearing man should fall on his knees and say: "Verily, God is among you" [1Cor 14 24-25]

A Church of Believers -- not of Church-tax payers

The Auxiliary Bishop explained in his sermon an example of reform from Kazakhstan.

In the city of Karaganda the Catholics built one Church every 35 years under the Communists.

The authorities allowed only a lowly, utilitarian building without towers or a cross[And without bells.  Hmmm... that is some modernist nuns and priests do that.  When you see your church still missing a bell, you bet a dollar and a dime that whoever is in there hates anything traditional.]

For two years the faithful -- also the elderly and the children --- were occupied with the building.

They dug even in the earth, in order to put the church deeper in order to allow for a larger interior space.

Without Discussions or Commissions

After the completion of construction there was no Bishop far and wide who could have blessed the church.

Actually the parish priest -- he was called Pater Alexander Chira by everyone -- promised the faithful that God would send a Bishop.

On the day of the blessing he appeared himself with a mitre and shepherd's staff in the church. He was a secret Bishop.

According to a woman who witnessed the event, there were even more tears flowing than holy water.

The church blessing is an example for Msgr Schneider "of true reform of the Church without a lot of commissions and discussions."  [Take that BEC and PPC!  Ha!  The Church grew rapidly without these two before!]


I hate to sound like a broken record but it is true:  When we lost the Sense of the Sacred that everything in life becomes too mundane, instant noodles - microwaveable type of thing.

Contraception, divorce, abortion, same-sex marriage....there is this thing called SPOILED BRAT ATTITUDE.

You whine when you do not get what you want.  You CHANGE THE RULES if it does not suit to your liking and your caprices, even if it were the laws of nature and of God Himself.

That is what is all about Communion in the Hand.  Lose the sense of the sacred and you lose the sense of anything right or wrong in the world.  It should not come as a surprise then that we have a rise of cases of liturgical abuse in our Church, of priests committing horrible.....good God!  Of priests and nuns openly supporting the homosexual agenda, of defying Humane Vitae, Summorum Pontificum, Redemptionis Sacramentum....of being their own church because, well, hey, they say that WE ARE CHURCH.  No need for the Pope, the bishops and what the Faith that we received from the Apostles meant.  They are OLD, they need to be revised according to the signs of the times.  This is the fruit that we are harvesting for having Communion in the Hand.

It was never a practice of the ancient Church contrary to what these liturgists keep on referring to.

How could thousands of years of receiving Communion on the tongue and kneeling both in the Western and Eastern Liturgical Traditions be so wrong?  Both the East and West NEVER EVER HAD Communion done on the hand and standing.

I dare the supporters of this method of Holy Communion to cite me the benefits of this type of reception of Holy Communion and I will cite an actual BAD and EVIL instance why it should be stopped, ASAP!


PS:  It is just so frustrating to see so-called traditionalists and apologists receive Holy Communion on the Hand.  So frustrating!  Put your money where your mouth is!  Be the example of how it is to be FAITHFUL.  You do not win souls by just winning an apologetics debate!

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