Friday, June 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Liturgica closing shop!

Barely two years in operation, Liturgica is closing shop.


They have until June 30.

Any sales before the closing of the store?

No idea.

But I certainly pity the employees of the store.

The owner. Nah.

Their books don't sell at all.



  1. tindahan pala yun? akala ko exhibit klasi walang pumupuntang tao.. ahahahahaha

  2. My heart certainly goes out to their employees (who are probably contractuals, considering that the owner has a very short surname). I had the opportunity to visit this store a few months ago, sorry to say, it was one big jewel box of modernist liturgical "art", the kind of paraphernalia you'd never see prior to Vatican II, the kind that most of our Churches, even historical ones, are peppered with nowadays. Compare their chalices, ciboria, monstrances, tabernacles, vestments with those of the Sto. Domingo and Manaoag Church Museums, what a far cry from the artistry and effort put into the items exhibited in those places! Why? Because the artisans knew what they were doing and WHO they were doing it for, the same driving spirit that lead the Cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. Now, everything is minimalist, everything is eco-friendly, everything is modern, everything is okay as long as it is an expression of "faith", even if it breaks a thousand traditions and rubrics. I pray that the employees of Liturgica find new employment ASAP, but I don't care much for their merchandise. I-kilo na lang yan and give the money to Charity (especially the books of the old man from Bukidnon and his proteges) and destroy those modernist-inspired images (especially ressufixes). They are an affront to our Lord and an eyesore.

  3. Who needs prayer books when God prefers spontaneous prayers? Who needs books on theology when God shows me the way? Who needs books on pastoral care when God teaches me in my own mistakes and experience? Who needs missals, and sacramentary when we can invent our own? Who needs sacred vessels, chalices, ciborium, intimtorium, bells, and Mass kits - when we have bao and kawayan? :)

    1. Sorry, but not all spontaneous prayers are heartfelt. And not all of us are able to express our thoughts and feelings as well as others are. Just because it is someone else's prayer does not mean it cannot be yours too, just like we all pray for peace on earth, comfort for the afflicted, safety of our loved ones, etc. etc.

      Books on theology can be ways by which God shows you the way.

      God can use books on pastoral care to teach you. Why should you learn by first committing a mistake? Better learn through the mistakes of others. Better yet, humble yourself and try to learn through the successes, mistakes, thoughts, and experiences of others.

      How often does one need to invent the wheel?

      Bao and kawayan can also be used as materials for the items you mentioned. Sorry, but it is obvious that you don't know what you are talking about here...

  4. who needs Frs. A.C and G.D. if we have Frs. Z and others?

  5. who needs Frs. A.C and G.D. if we have Frs. Z and others?

    pandz if only google blog has a "like" button, i would absolutey like that comment! =)