Monday, May 14, 2012

What is your Catholic jewelry?

Some call it bling.

Others call it "something to accentuate yourself".

Whatever it may be, jewelries are as old as human civilization.  We put on stone, bone or metal on our bodies in order to add decoration, so to speak, or as the modern fashionistas say "accentuate".

But in Christian tradition, we use jewelries that speak of a reality, something that represents that which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

That is why the wedding band or ring, is not just a symbol of the husband's love for his wife and vice versa, it represents the reality that the man and woman are betrothed to one another "till death" do them part.  It is not just a piece of jewelry to tell the whole world that this person is not available anymore.  It is a public declaration of a man's love to the woman, and vice versa.  Anyone wonder what the engagement ring is all about and why it is in diamond most of the time?  Yea, it shouts right?

Now going back to what you hang on your neck.  Does your jewelry represent a reality not immediately seen by the naked eye?

Some people would wear a cross as a necklace like this one below.

Did he wear the cross out of his conviction to proclaim his faith or was it just for pure fashion?  Will he still wear a cross if it is made out of wood or he won't wear one unless it is made out of sparkling crystals or diamonds?

Whatever you wear reflects who you are.

So I tell my kids never ever to wear a t-shirt or jewelry about drugs, sex or violence.  NEVER.

Times are tough for Catholics nowadays in a world that hates Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.  Wear something that you are proud of.  If you can wear a t-shirt that expresses what a proud Filipino you are, what a proud basketball fan you are, then I guess you can also wear a jewelry that expresses how proud you are as a Christian and as a Catholic.

Wear your cross, and medal and tell the whole world that you are a proud Christian and Catholic.  And no better way to prove it but by your words and actions.

Whatever you choose to wear, be it a cross of precious stones or metals, whether a scapular or a saint's medal, always remember, DO NOT BE LIKE THE PHARISEES, who wear their long robes just to attract attention and be called holy.

Whatever is on the outside must reflect what is in the inside.


  1. If You Don't want to Use the Sacramentals for Jewelry then Let's Wear Catholic-Themed Shirts for a Change,Google it Online!

  2. i had my Tau Cross before but I felt i am not worthy to wear that. Its a symbol of being a Franciscan.