Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hans Kung, the comedian

or might I say, the heretic?

The ultraliberal modernist theologian Hans Kung called Benedict XVI an invalid pope.  Oh, he also is a signatory of Church 2011,a memorandum containing the demand for reform of the Roman Catholic Church in response to the sexual abuse scandal among German priests.

The memorandum demands the following:
  1. Structures of participation: more participation of all people in the Catholic Church, particularly through election of bishops and priests;
  2. Parish community: more help for Catholic communities, with a more explicit sharing of responsibilities. Married priests and women as priests should be allowed;
  3. Legal culture: the Catholic Church should initiate a church jurisdiction;
  4. Freedom of conscience: respect for individual conscience, particularly for divorced people, who want to marry again, and for homosexual civil unions;
  5. Reconciliation: greater reconciliation of the church to her own history; and
  6. Worship: reform of the Roman Catholic liturgy (with greater modern influence, and more influence from the cultural life of countries).
Among the signatories of this document are Filipino theologians teaching at The Forbidden Forest, somewhere in E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City.

So, Kung now is also a sedevacantist.

Why the rant?

Just because Benedict is advancing the reunification of the SSPX into the Church.

Will similarly minded priests who hate the SSPX say the same thing?

Anything sedevactist tags here?

Any Luciferian tags there?

Or SECRET SSPX DOG over here?

The latest buzz word is that the Pope will release the decision on Pentecost Sunday.

Thank God for Pope Benedict XVI!

Oh, I also have this button sent to me.

Thanks to dear Bro. Jay for sending it.