Saturday, April 14, 2012

GULP Alert: Liturgical abuse has become the norm


Liturgical abuse in the country has become a trend.

More of the exception becoming the rule.

And the rule becoming the exception.

How many dancing girls have we seen posted here on TPC?

And here is just one of a couple of dancing ladies during the singing of the Gloria.

Whenever you get to be in the church while this is going on, you focus on the dance, not on the singing of the praise to God.

You get to see a "spectacular, spectacular show on the planet!"

"Step right up!  Step right up, folks!  Mass that is not boring!  More entertaining  and less slumbering!

Worth every penny you put into the collection tray!

Step right up!"

Don't blink.  There is still something in there that I see is not right.

This makes it another edition of GULP EXAM!!!

You think you'd be on summer break?

No siree!

Abusers are always out there.

So spot the not, now!


  1. I Think the Tarpaulin should NOT cover the Crucifix when It's the Easter Vigil already!

  2. One, the portrait of Blessed John Paul, because the images of Beati are not allowed to be venerated in Churches of dioceses which do not have permission to celebrate their cultus (unless the Novaliches Diocese has); Two, the tarp that covers the crucifix - that's the reason why images are veiled in purple cloth to hide their form during Lent (a "fasting" for the eyes), now if you're going to hide an image with another image, what's the point? Three, "liturgical dancers" (enough said). Four, since they are singing the Gloria, ALL lights in the church have to be lit to herald the arrival of Easter (I've been to this Cathedral and this is not their regular lighting at night. Obviously lighting was kept to a minimum so as not to steal the spotlight from the "liturgical dancers". Five, instead of the Benedictine arrangement at the altar as is tradition, they still use the "Chupungcan" arrangement: almost bare altar table with two vigil candles at either end, no crucifix at the altar itself, instead the lectionary is stood on the middle of the altar (as if being venerated) from beginning of Mass until the Gospel is read AT THE LECTERN (sheesh). Six, why is the choir at the Sanctuary? The Cathedral is not that small. Seven, why are women in the Sanctuary? Oh, I forgot: Lectors and Commentators. Eight, with the number of ordained clergy present (I see three) was it really necessary to have the so-called "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion"? Nine, going back to the tarp covering the Crucifix (someone must be really itching to replace that with a so-called "resufix") instead of a normal depiction of the Crucifixion or the Resurrection of the Lord, it seems to portray Christ with representations of social issues at his feet (?). The photo is not clear enough so I can't say for certain. And finally, Ten: WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF PLACING BALLOONS ABOVE THE TABERNACLE?!!!

  3. @martin

    Hindi yan cathedral it is a diocesan shrine filled with abuses, and at the altar is the book of the gospels if you look closer, not a lectionary...


    In accordance to the GIRM cantors are discouraged to use the lectern as their place to sing.

  4. @Keb, yeah, I mistook the Shrine for the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in Fairview, and whether that volume is a Lectionary or Book of Gospels, the custom of placing it in the middle of the Altar until the Gospel reading is still liturgical abuse. Thanks for the kind correction.