Monday, March 26, 2012

Liturgy check: 5th Sunday of Lent

 Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of Lent.

Just asking.

Are the images of your church, chapel or oratory veiled?

Mine isn't.  Surprise!!! We're still possessed by the Spirit of Vatican II!

Chime in and share your experiences.

For more about this Lenten practice which unfortunately and without basis, liturgical wrecknovators of the school of Bukidnon among them Payawal and Diwa, still spread, (I'm digressing)...

      Read Fr. Z's excellent post about this practice of veiling images.


  1. Its passiontide... We cover the images of saints and even the crucifix because we want to hide it.. Before the actual Good Friday there is no crucifixion and no saints..

  2. The lectors at UP were invited to join the Anglicans for Solemn Evensong. They were surprised that the images in the church were all veiled in linen white, as traditional in the use of Sarum in Lent (the medieval rite of the English Catholic Church). The lectors were reminded of the continuity of tradition that the Anglican Church has preserved. I told the lectors what we Catholics have thrown out and perhaps we can restore these with the help of our Anglican brethren.