Monday, March 12, 2012

Lesbian denied Holy Communion drama continues...

I have been reading about this issue for quite a while and am glued to the developments.

This one here, puts the Archdiocese of Washington, led by a lame-duck archbishop, who in spite of his inaction against pro-abortion "catholic" Nancy Pelosi, got the red hat, into another tight spot.

They censured the priest who refused to give Holy Communion to a woman who introduced herself and her lover to the priest before the start of her mother's funeral Mass, even after she was reminded by the priest not to approach herself for Communion.


Washington D.C., Mar 11, 2012 / 04:08 pm (CNA).- Information published online by a Maryland woman who was recently denied Communion because of her lesbian relationship suggests that she is actually a Buddhist and an active “gay rights” supporter.

Barbara Johnson, 51, has become the subject of recent media attention after claiming that she had been denied Communion at her mother’s funeral, where she introduced her lesbian partner to the priest, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, before Mass.  [It did happen and the priest did not deny it.  However, the Archdiocese refuses to acknowledge the fact that the priest reminded the woman not to receive Communion because of her life of obstinate sin.  The priest is obviously invoking Canon 915!  But the Archdiocese through the lame-duck auxiliary bishop reprimanded the priest, said sorry to the woman and did not remind the woman of her sinful lifestyle!  Good grief! ]

However, the website for Art Works Studio School in Mt. Rainier, Md., which Johnson founded, states that she “considers herself a student” of “Buddhist philosophy.” The school’s Twitter page also contains recent posts criticizing the Maryland Catholic Conference for its hostility to “gay rights.

Johnson complained after she was denied Communion on Feb. 25 at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, Md., which is part of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. She said that Fr. Guarnizo told her she could not receive the sacrament because her homosexual relationship was a sin in the eyes of the Church.

The issue of “gay rights” has become a heated topic in Maryland recently, as lawmakers approved a bill in late February to legalize “gay marriage” in the state. The law will not take effect until 2013, allowing time for the Maryland Catholic Conference and other pro-marriage groups to work to overturn the legislation with a referendum in November.

In addition to the description on her art school’s website, Johnson also identified herself as a Buddhist in a recent paper posted online for a master’s degree program at Kutztown University [It is obvious then that this lesbian used Holy Communion to drive home her pro-homosexual agenda inside the confines of the Catholic Church and using her own mother's funeral at that!  Distasteful!]

In the paper, Johnson discussed working at a local Catholic school, saying, “in my interview with the principal we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.”

She explained that she decided to take the job, despite the difficulties posed by the “homophobic world of education,” because she is a “naturally born agitator” who “enjoys challenging the status quo.”  [Out of the horse's mouth!]

After being denied Communion last month, Johnson wrote a letter to Fr. Guarnizo, warning him that he would “pay dearly” for what he had done. She has said that she will not be satisfied until he is removed from parish ministry.

In a March 1 statement, Fr. William Byrne, secretary for pastoral ministry and social concerns for the Archdiocese of Washington, responded to the incident by explaining that priests have “an obligation to make sure that the sacraments are respected.”

“No one is entitled to the Eucharist,” Fr. Byrne said, explaining that the reception of the sacrament is “a blessing and a grace.”  [This is a tipsy turvy compared to what the Auxiliary Bishop wrote which you can read here.]

Johnson did not respond to CNA’s attempts to contact her.


Dear brothers and sister in Christ,

Today is the best time to be a Catholic!

The issues being pressed against us to prove how faithful we are, the relentless attacks of pro-contraception, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual unions, and vile attacks of lies and deceptions all aimed at the Catholic Church means that Lucifer and his minions are working doubly hard to bring more lost souls into the same situation as they are.

This is the time when we are given the opportunity to prove our promises in Baptism and in Confirmation.

This is the time to intensify our prayers, our acts of mercy and our defense of Life and the Faith!

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