Monday, March 5, 2012

INC vs. El Shaddai

INC total estimated membership:   4 to 9 MILLION

Catholic Church.....well let's start with just one group in the Catholic Church, one that is here in the Philippines

El Shaddai...

El Shaddai total estimated membership worldwide:   8 MILLION

Manalo is drooling with envy.  Imagine just to get that number, it's only one group in the Catholic Church!

Imagine, 10% plus additional tithes every time a member worships.  Wow! 

Manalo is drooling!

And I think the INC would think twice of holding a Grand Extortion Mission complete with full media coverage.  They just look lame.

I think the centennial of the apostasy in 2014 will be well-planned out.  They'll draw all their members to their coliseum in Bulacan for the event.  Place the chairs to far enough to occupy more space and to spread out the crowds...Get some helicopter shots, and BOOM!  "We have the numbers!"

Yeah, right.

Well, eat your heart out, Manalo.   You won't get near the number of Bro. Mike Velarde's group, seeing that you endorse the RH Bill!  Hahahahahaha!!!!

If God cared for His children, why save only 9 Million souls, Manalo?

Oh I forgot.  It's not about souls.

It's about the SOBRE!

No, not you Father!

Get back to entertaining in SM.

On second thought, stop it!