Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A great way to celebrate the Feast of the Foster Father of the Son of God

Fr. Jojo Zerrudo of the Diocese of Cubao, one of a few priests in the country who publicly celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass aka Traditional Latin Mass, celebrated a Solemn High Mass in celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph.  Assisting him are two "brave" priests, (those in the traditional movement often use this term and I am beginning to know what it means. ;),

Pray that more priest celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and encourage the more solemn and reverent celebration of the Liturgy in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms.

And stop using tupperware as a ciborium!


  1. The Priest who Uses the Tupperware used to celebrate the TLM.

    How do you He Uses it as a Ciborium?