Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Media is corrupting our nation

What do you expect?

CNN anchors wannabe.

Educated in college either by communists or by anti-Catholic professors, who more often than not are either homosexuals or radical feminists?

So what do you get?

Hateful and vengeful, biased broadcasters...

Programs that promote sex and immoral behavior...  Right Howie?

Thank goodness we still have a bishop like Bishop Vicente Navarra who publicly support the efforts of Michael Voris and Real Catholic

Parents should watch out what their kids watch on TV. I personally hate Cartoon Network with the kind of foul language the cartoon characters belt out on TV. My kids themselves told me that they do not want to see a particular show.

The Filipino bishops who were interviewed by Michael Voris so far are:

Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu
Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod
(If I forgot some, please chime in.)

I do not want to give names here which have not been shown yet by Voris and his team.

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  1. Just now 24 Oras had a news bit regarding the rise of pregnancy rates among teenagers in the Ilocos Region. The reporter gave a Kleenex filled story poo-pooing how remorseful the pregnant students were and how we should be ALARMED and CONCERNED regarding this issue. Uhum.... So Mr.Reporter and the people he works with/for has nothing to do with this fiasco? For a start, hasn't our local TV stations been exposing our children in filthy shows that are even shows on prime time for quite some time? And wasn't it the media who coined the term "mature roles"? Every time an actress is asked if she is willing to have a "mature rule", they are actually asking if the actress could now post in semi nude pictorials, have bed scenes and play morally lax characters in movies/TV series. It's as if maturity can be measured by the number of clothing you are willing to strip. COME ON MEDIA PEOPLE! DO NOT WASH YOUR HANDS REGARDING THIS ISSUE. The bravest bulwark and clarion of morality in this country, the Catholic Church, has been always placed in a bad light by the media specially when it comes to news. Tell me, when was the last time you heard a news item regarding priests/nuns who made heroic deeds? close to nil. the only "good news" we have about the clergy are healing priests! But every time there is a priest out there caught embezzling church funds or caught in a scandal...BOOM HEADLINE BABY! And now they are ALARMED (or want to show they are alarmed) regarding the decline of morality among teenagers? tsssssssssss.