Friday, January 13, 2012

Abp. Oscar Cruz: "I said WHAT?!"

From Archbishop Oscar Cruz's blog:


It was reported:

a. THAT I said something to the effect that infertility is an impediment for Church marriage.

ANSWER: Impotence is an impediment for valid Church marriage but not infertility. That is elementary knowledge.

b. THAT I accept if not even endorse the so-called "Gay Marriages" contrary to the long standing teaching of the Church.

ANSWER: Needless to say, there are gay people who do what they want to, irrespective of what the Church teaches. In this case, whatever they do, their cannot be a marriage as provided by nature and taught by the Church. At most, they can enter into an "Agreement," a "Partnership" or anything the like--but not marriage in reality and truth.

c. THAT I am very kind to gays to the extent that I am a consenting adult to their designs, options and the like.

ANSWER: I respect gays just as everybody else. They too are created to God's image. They too have human dignity. They too should not be ridiculed, much less discriminated.

13 January 2012


The Archbishop had to issue this since it is being circulated in the internet that he said that the Church does not want to marry infertile people.

Guess liars will be liars right.

Dan Brown, have you relocated to the Philippines?

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