Monday, December 12, 2011

Heard on TV: Installation of Abp. Tagle

"For the priests, please leave your chasubles and stoles."

They had to announce it on national TV and on Live streaming video.

Is this the only way to do this?


  1. I thought they are going to give it away as souvenir for his installation.

  2. Actually I never heard the RCAM give away the chasubles and stoles for every special occasion.

  3. Speaking of installation, I've seen the Photos of Abp. Tagle's Installation at I have to say this, I did not see what I expected to see,
    Abp Palma's grand installation is still at it's splendor in my "books".

  4. I do not expect its operational. I am looking for tv installation services with home theater. looking professional team can do it.