Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Angry at Christmas?

And at Christians?

Or just The Pinoy Catholic?

This was actually a comment I published in this blog post.


I do not celebrate Christmas. I did 5 loads of washing and other housework on the 25th. Happy? [What did you wash and whose things you washed?  If it ain't yours and you aren't being paid to do it, and you do not even have any feelings for the owner of those things, then, yeah, you have every right to gripe. Other than that, you are just like that old man staring out of the window, griping and gnashing his teeth while the whole world around you basks in the joy of the season.  All....MERRY.]

We have our own 'thing' we do so we can exchange gifts blah blah. We do it on 21st Dec so that should give you a clue.  [Nah!]

I do not go to Christmas parties, as for gifts, and would go to work if I were required to (have done many times), [Scrooge?] so NO - I do not take advantage of any perks. [Good!]

The way you have put this sounds very childish.  [Because this one isn't.]

Most people accept that Christmas really doesn't have that much to do with Christ, [SWS ALERT!] so they are hardly hypocrites for having a family gathering and festivities of a specific kind. [If you are in a Muslim country!]

Many of the Christmas symbolism and traditions are Pagan in origin, so I could ask 'why do Christians use pagan symbols?'

'why do Christians use pagan symbols?'


Christianity triumphed over paganism.

We started using pagan temples and converted them into Christian basilicas!

The obelisks of ancient Egypt are religious symbols of the Pharaoh and the Sun god, Rah. But these were brought to Rome and was placed in front of major papal basilicas like St. Peters, but not before a Cross was placed on top of it. Why? Again... SIMPLE. The CROSS IS VICTORIOUS OVER THE PAGAN GOD.

Ever heard of the Pantheon?

Celebrating birthdays is a pagan thing. Burying the dead is a pagan thing.


Blah blah blah...

We all do things pagans do. But does it make us pagans?

Here is the thing.

Be happy because the whole world is happy for just even 24 hours.  You may think of other reasons for being happy on THAT DAY but please, just go out and share the day with others.  Stop washing, ok?



  1. AMEN!! I can use this one to those who bashed that Christmas has Pagan Origins. Huzzah on this one :)

  2. hmm.. december 21st? is that the thanksgiving day of the heretics? LOL

  3. It seems that the person who posted that comment is either Wiccan or Neo-Pagan. And I bet this feel-good-hippie kid (this is just a rough guess since Wicca has more appeal to teenagers) has no idea what their religion is all about. To begin with, let me remind them that their religion has no connection whatsoever with the religions of Plato and Aristotle. If you are really Pagan, have you ever tried smashing images of Jesus, you might answer "no" since you would answer that "oh wicca is a very understanding religion!". But newsflash! That my dear is what REAL PAGANS do. The image of BULLY CATHOLICS AND DEFENSELESS PAGANS is Holywood Theology kid, it has long been debunked by real historians and theologians...beat it!They just took the name and the concept of "female goddesses" to tickle and excite their egos. If the kid who posted that comment is a girl then that drives my point all the better. Honey, I was Wiccan since I was 16 (got converted at 24). For eight years I have been lighting incense, crafting spells and worshiping Gods that I don't even know if they do exist. And hey, some wiccan "gurus" would even say that you could choose any archetype for your god right? So yeah, I once lighted candles before Sailormoon and Naruto (good thing I got converted before giving oblations to Mickey Mouse) hehehe. To the person who posted this, I was once in your shoes. Ask this question, why did you go to a Catholic Blogsite in the first place? If you are Filipino, chances are you were Catholic before you were converted to Wicca. And I bet you still have that "Catholic Conscience" inside you. You still include the Virgin Mary and St.Michael in your candle rituals right? Admit it or not, you still have this "respect", this "certain closeness" to Jesus right? You still feel a certain kind of peace and reverence whenever you see an image of the Sacred Heart right? HE IS JUST THERE IN YOUR HEART KID. You were once baptized in the name of THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. As a Salesian friend once told me, your baptism leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Remove from your soul the nag champa incense, the black candles, the voodoo veves and you will still find HIS mark there.
    Once again my apologies for sir TPC for posting such a loooong comment.