Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The difference of the two forms

Photo courtesy of John Sonnen of Orbis Catholicus Secundus

The front altar is used for the celebration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

The altar at the back is being used, while the photo was taken, in the offering of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Glaring difference, eh?


  1. The image would be much better without the dining table...

  2. But some chapels and churches they can move the altar table whenever they will celebrate TLM.

  3. The OF Mass can be celebrated too using an altar fixed to the wall. Similarly the EF Mass can be celebrated on a free standing altar. The Vatican II reforms mandated a free standing altar so that the priest can completely incense the altar.

    I do not particular agree with comments saying that the free standing altar is a "table". This implies that the OF is a Protestant (Calvinist) liturgy of memorialism. It is a common charge of SSPX and other Catholic traditionalists who reject what the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council taught.