Saturday, September 3, 2011

"The Latin Mass brings forth greater spiritual fruit"

Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci said this and thanked the Holy Father, Benedict XVI for Summorum Pontificum.

Here is a quote:
Then, the times unfortunately changed. But today, a true a proper reawakening by so many young people, who wish to relive the beauty of the Latin Mass and the greater spiritual fruit derived from it, can be noticed with great satisfaction; this is great, a very great comfort. And it makes us hope for a liturgical future certainly desired by Your Holiness. We thank the Lord, that he may help all those who are working for seriousness in sacred music. I firmly trust that, we the help of God, a true return to the bimillenary tradition of sacred music will take place.

Thank you, Your Holiness!

Read more about this over at Rorate Caeli.

Well, I guess a world-renowned Filipino liturgist would disagree with the good cardinal.


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