Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Brain wrecker

This Noynoy Aquino ass-kisser needed the attention also.


Taken from here.

The Catholic Church in our country is so messed up that it cannot even stop its own followers from spewing fire and brimstone.  [I must have stayed long enough in the hermitage that I missed the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.   What is this guy talking about?]

The internationally respected human rights and communications luminary Florangel Braid [that sets the tone, eh?] said that she was surprised at the language used by the Catholic group protesting the art work “Politeismo.” [The internationally respected human rights and communications luminary is not surprised at the artwork herself.  How highly LUMINARY of that!]    The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) conducted a forum last August 5 for the artists and the public to discuss the art exhibit. Flor, who is my good friend, [ow shucks.  He is friends with LUMINARIES.  Start the name dropping.  How many did he meet at a cocktail party is now his LUMINARY FRIEND?]  is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the CCP, the venue for the exhibit “Kulo” which featured the controversial art work of Mideo Cruz. [Thus, one of those sued.  Good!]

“Malaswa! Hindi gawa ng Pilipino, Gawa ng demonyo, (Vulgar! Not the work of a Filipino. It’s the work of the devil)” raved one of them. “If you are a Catholic you can no longer think independently!” asserted another woman identified as a theologian with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). [And who that might be?  Names?  Nah.  Esposo does not know.  She is not LUMINARY enough.  Ha!] The same woman was quoted by media for ridiculously claiming that the exhibit was intentionally timed to occur at the height of discussions on the RH Bill. [Esposo is an advertising and PR man.  So he knows what ridiculous timing is all about.] In a rally, the Church group and its followers branded artists and members of the CCP as “anti-Christ.” We thought this had ended with the Inquisition. [Idiot!  Read the history books about what the Inquisition is all about.  And that the work of the Church against the anti-Christ continues until Christ comes back again in glory.  Unless you are not even a Christian or you just sit all day chomping down your quarter pounder.]

On August 4, the art work was vandalized and there was an attempt to set fire to the exhibit. A Manny Andrada, identified as an author/businessman, smugly boasted on TV News 5 that he was the culprit and that if he chanced to see the artist, Mideo Cruz, he would maul him and break the wooden phallus that Cruz had attached to the image of Jesus Christ on the artist’s mouth. How very Christian.  [Yeah, right! If a Christian defends himself or his faith, the Bible is thrown at him!]

What gave him the confidence that he would go unpunished? [Did you ask Mideo Cruz and the CCP about that?] Like the Overlords of the Inquisition, [There are positions like that?  Was he reading a comic book about He-Man?] he probably thinks that it’s okay to vandalize in the name of Christ, [Wah?  What the?!?!  Who is this guy talking about?  Andrada vandalized the junk.  He admitted it.  He did not vandalize the name of Christ.  He came to defend Him.  Idiot!]  that he will be cheered for it and that he knows he has the support of the same rabid group that mounted protests against the RH Bill and now the art work. [You defend life and you are rabid.  Ok good.  I'll rabidly defend life.]

Instead of cooling down tempers, foreign and Filipino priests who were present during the forum reportedly stoked further animosity by interjecting comments and interrupting speakers from the artists’ side. How very Christian indeed. [Like the other group did not do that.  How selective indeed!]  Last Friday, a group of priests performed a rare ritual of asking God to “forgive the sinners” — referring to those behind the exhibit. They invited media so it was obviously meant for show.  [Asking God to forgive sinners is a RARE RITUAL?  Billy's religion does not forgive sinners.  So it is rare for him to experience that.  And he call it a show.]

What’s happening to the leaders of the Catholic faith? We would expect the Catholic clergy to exude an aura of holiness, calm and peace. [For Esposo, it means doing nothing while the whole country goes gaga like one archbishop we all know.] We’d expect them to vibrate a certain loving kindness, the kind of spiritual energy that does not judge but seeks to understand and establish harmony. [Which means, 'leave us alone and let us live our lives.  Do not tell us what to do."  That is the kind of clergy Esposo wants.  That is what spiritual energy he is talking about.  If Christ were alive, and Esposo saw what Christ did at the Temple, he would have branded Christ a Taliban.] We can see these virtues and traits in the Catholic Focolare Movement that lives the gospel of love and interfaith harmony but we rarely see this in the CBCP and its rabid right-wing followers. [Good he mentioned the Focolare because this guy is a member of that movement.  And he has the audacity to even call himself Catholic while throwing his support to an exhibit that blatantly blasphemes the image of Christ!  Time to write the Focolare Movement!]

Our Church hierarchy and its followers claim to represent the nation’s 80 percent Catholics — presumably based on baptism numbers, which does not mean practice. [And you have the numbers?  Yeah, he also presumed.] Naturally, they lure grandstanding politicos to support them and when the issue happens to resonate in media, it becomes a formula for lynching.  [Like how many politicians are actually anti-RH and are, as what he says 'rabid'?  Yup, he is presuming also.]

However, the myth of the Catholic influence stops there. Surveys have shown that the Catholic followers do not necessarily toe the Church line. The latest SWS survey on people’s opinion about the RH Bill and family planning reveals a whopping 82 percent favoring freedom of choice in selecting method of birth control.  [And who commissioned the survey?  Last time a pro-life rally was done at the Luneta, Esposo's lot claims they were all 'hakot" or literally dragged to the event.  Yeah, he is whopping.  Can't help not picturing him with the whopping burger in his hand.  Ha!]

No wonder the credibility of the Catholic Church hierarchy among its own flock had plummeted. [And that is why the churches on Sundays are near as empty as an INC chapel.  And that is why we do not have massive traffics in Quiapo every second week of January.  Yup, Esposo knows the numbers.]  There are Catholics today who nurture their faith by independently using their own spiritual discernment or have totally shifted to another faith and belief system.

While other Catholic countries, including Italy, have adapted to the times, the Philippines remains the only predominantly Catholic country in the world that does not allow divorce. When asked for a reaction, retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz beamed with pride, insinuating that the Philippines is the only country that stood on moral ground. That demonstrates the “I can’t be wrong” attitude of the Overlords of the Inquisition and that this Philippine Catholic Church doesn’t intend to change or adapt to the times.  [He did not even cite what Archbishop Oscar Cruz mentioned why the Philippines does not want so.  Italy has been ruled by the Mafia for quite so long.  How would you think that country would behave?  Geez.  Too much cholesterol in one's diet makes you turn your facts like turning those burger patties!]

There is no divorce in our country but the rich can always get a marriage annulment. It is not only hypocrisy; it is also anti-poor and oppressive. Sometimes, it’s hard not to wonder if all the duplicity and hypocrisy in our system is a result of the friar — conquistador tradition, reminiscent of Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere. [this is what this is all about.  Catholic bashing.]

While our nation cries for justice for victims of crimes and abuses and while we all need to address the gnawing gaps in wealth and education, these “holy and venerable champion and defenders of our morals” have opted to harass the CCP board for allegedly betraying public trust and the artists for being what they consider anti-Christ.  [Put a penis on the face of Christ and he calls it alleged.  Let's do it to his picture and you'd be sure that he'll file a case in court.]

We’re witnessing the terrifying emergence of a Catholic Taliban who threatens to destroy the very foundations of our Christian morality. [The what?!?  He has Catholic Morals?!]  Read about the Inquisition and ask yourself if our lives will improve with a revival of that dark chapter of Catholic Church history.  [I must have stayed long enough in the hermitage that I missed the court hearings?  Where are the gibbets?  I'll make one that'll fit this fat one.  I am pretty sure if the Inquisition were around, Billy Esposo will be the first one tied to a pole and roasted, ehrm , I mean burned alive.  Ha!  with an apple in his mouth?  Can't help it.  Ha!] 


I once pictured myself receiving the Philippine Legion of Honor medal for services to the country.  Esposo received that award from, guess who?  Yup, Noynoy Aquino.

If the SWS and Noynoy Aquino has its own orchestra, Esposo will occupying the entire trumpet section.

And you can bet that every morning, Esposo's lips is smeared with what Noynoy ate last night.  No, not the left-overs.  I meant what Noynoy already digested.

I have never read a commentary so biased, so ass-kissing, you'd stay away from Esposo and not even talk to him because his breath would stink with the excrement of Aquino and the SWS and yes, the pharmaceutical companies paying his PR fee.

Yeah, Esposo is a PR guy.

He knows the tricks of the trade.

And so do I.

How many pieces of silver, Billy?  30?

Don't forget your rope.  I know a good tree for you.


  1. Is Noynoy like Obama now? He wants to divide the Catholics with his own agenda.

  2. Were you not also a rabid pro-benigno simeon cojuangco aquino 111 during the last elections? Now that we are under a regime which is all out in catholic bashing..can you not issue an apology for making a serious mistake in endorsing the candidacy of pun-noy?

  3. I must have stayed long enough in the hermitage...Ha!

  4. Hahaha! You seem to have made a wrong choice in your candidate in the last election, TPC!

    Noynoy has nothing to lose -- he has no parents, he has no boyfriends err girlfriends (sorry, can't help it), he has so many friends and classmates to please so how does he care?

    This Billy Blob of X-men is one hell of a rachet man. I remembered him in squabble with Taberna over a thing of Noynoy's apparent booboo that the later commented over his radio show. But the former wrote back in blazing cannon in his side of the paper. Well, it gave me good entertainment for about a week until Mr. Gabby Lopez stepped in.

    I don't read his article in Philstar but this one really get me off my seat to douch my face with cold water or else I would have smashed the monitor in disgust!

    Can I say bad words here?

  5. I campaigned for Noynoy? I wish I had a dollar everytime I get that.

  6. Sir Knight TPC

    I Think These People were Talking About Your Like for Noynoy in Your Facebook Page(I Know your True Identity,But I Won't Reveal It)

  7. I have a Facebook Account?!?!

    I must have stayed long enough in the hermitage...Ha!