Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PCSO denies tagging "pajero bishops"

The PCSO officials were grilled big time by the senators for who coming up with the term Pajero Bishops when there were no Pajeros given?  And why is the present PCSO giving donations to other denominations as well but they are not being investigated?

And to top it all off, the Commission on Audit did not mention anything about Pajeros?

This is what we call in journalism "keryente"

Guess the Presidential Spin Doctors are going gaga over how to rebound on this one.

Hey Inquirer!  Start thinking of a new game plan!

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Carlita Celdran stormed out of the Senate when she heard what the PCSO REALLY had to say, and not what she and us are hearing in the Pinoy Hell's Bible aka PDI.

And yeah, the Filipino FreeDumbers are pissed!


  1. I really am dumbfounded by the turn of events in this fiasco that folks in Malacanang would like to tell the people.

    First, the irresponsible accusation of violating certain provisions in the Constitution. Second, the linking of Bp. Pueblos to GMA about his birthday gift. And then you will hear that PCSO and Malacanang did not give a definitive statement as to the end goal of such brouhaha – Lacierda and Valte gave statements that “it is up to the bishops’ conscience if they will return the vehicles..”. What in the world was that?!!! After you people insinuated that those bishops squandered the fund by buying luxury vehicles then you will tell them it’s up to their conscience to decide? If the purpose of this expose is bring out wrongdoings and correct the past mess then Malacanang has to be resolved to call spade a spade! By golly! Now I think that we are really being spinned out by our mischievous leader!

    I’m sure everything happened for a purpose, and to think this might be a bragging item in the upcoming SONA, then I would not be surprised why my beloved country is in quagmire of political and economic mess!

  2. I felt insulted when some anti-bishops "welcomed" Bp. Pueblos with a sarcastic "happy birthday" song as went out of his vehicle.

    Anyway, those anti-bishops still lost this little "game". And you don't play games with the CBCP.