Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's because of democracy...


Well sorry for that.

There is a reason why...


From CathnewsPhil...


ALTAR rails or communion rails are making a comeback for all the right reasons [and they were destroyed all for the wrong reasons!]

First, the Holy Father is requiring holy Communion from him be received on the knees. Second, it’s part of our tradition as Catholics for centuries to receive holy Communion on the knees. Third, it’s a beautiful form of devotion to our blessed Lord,” said Father Greg Markey of Norwalk, Conn. [and LITURGISTS want Communion in the Hand because of hygiene and it is more 'ancient' which in fact they cannot substantiate.]

James Hitchcock, professor and author of Recovery of the Sacred (Ignatius Press, 1995), thinks the rail resurgence is a good idea. The main reason is reverence, he said. “Kneeling’s purpose is to facilitate adoration,” he explained. [and in a more practical note, altar rails prevent anyone from just coming in and out of the sanctuary.  This works in Manila Cathedral.  And, in the case of St. Peter's Church in Commonwealth, Quezon City, since there are no altar rails, anyone, after Mass, comes up to the sanctuary, touches the Tabernacle, which is located on a side, touches a piece of rock from the Holy Land, which is not even a classified and verified relic.  By the way the former parish priest, Fr. Gerry Tapiador, known Biblical expert placed it there.  I went to Sunday Mass there just once, and it was a complete circus!]

They may be returning, but were altar rails supposed to be taken out of sanctuaries?  [And that one too!  That is the one that should be removed.  Nothing sexist but women have better roles in the Church other than being altar servers.]

There is nothing in Vatican II or post-conciliar documents which mandate their removal,” said Denis McNamara, author of Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy (Hillenbrand Books, 2009) and assistant director and professor at the Liturgical Institute of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Ill.

Cardinal Francis Arinze strongly affirmed this point during a 2008 video session while he was still prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: “The Church from Rome never said to remove the altar rails.”

So what happened?

Unfortunately, democratic ideas came into the situation after Vatican II,” Hitchcock said.

Architect Duncan Stroik points some out of these ideas: a general iconoclasm that rejected the past, a desire to make churches into gathering spaces more like Protestant meeting houses, and the argument that kneeling is a sign of submission, which is seen as disrespectful to the modern person – we didn’t kneel before kings and queens, so it was more “democratic” not to kneel[In a word, MODERNISM, in art and in the Faith.  Our churches show the Faith and devotion of the bishop, priest and even laity who designed the building!]

Added McNamara: “Some people called them ‘fences’ which set up division between priest and people.”


The Lord works in mysterious ways isn't it?

Decades after the wrecknovation frenzy after Vatican II, what was lost is now being found!

Pray for Benedict XVI for him to reign for more glorious years to come.

Modernists hate him.

And that includes the devil.


  1. Yesterday,Over Family dinner at The Podium near our Would-Be former Residence,My mom said We're Losing more Catholics because of Our "Boring"(Read: No Clapping,No Dancing No Born-Again Motifs) Liturgies. We should Make it More Lively and Dynamic,as we know,We Go to Church to Break bread with Our brethren".

    My Younger brother(Ex-Catholic High School Atenean),came across on The net,a priest celebrating mass like a Rapper("Yo Yo Yo,Let Put's Our Hands together for Jesuuuuuuuuuusssssssss our Paaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!!!),and Led the crowd to chant:

    Priest:Who do YOU want TO RECEIVE??
    Congregation: JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!(insert sounds of Hand Clapping)

    As I Enjoyed this Exchange,There was Holy Rebellion within My soul shouting: "This is NOT WHAT THE MASS SHOULD BE LIKE!!!"

    One bold Suggestion that Irked me was: Let's have More Sharings from Massgoers and Less Boring,Dogmatic Sermons!"

    In Fairness to Mom,She's Anti RH(as I Am) and rest are Pro!

    She's Just something like a Liberal Conservative Catholic.(50% Cafeteria Catholic sometimes)

    As much as I would like A Liturgy with Dance and Clapping to Music,(Humayo't Ihayag is Still close to My Heart)even More I Favor the "Reform of The Reform" and The 1962 Roman Missal of The Tridentine Rite!!! OMNES CVM PETRO AD IESVM PER MARIAM!!!!


  2. The Altar rail was what to the Latin Church as the Iconostasis is for the Greek Churches.

  3. Some People would like to jump, raise their hands and shout like Born again...
    They think that the Mass is just a form of Entertainment.
    Very ridiculous!
    Shame on them!

    May the Pope be guided by the Holy Spirit to battle modernism and to spread the traditional practices in the Church...

  4. Hmmm. I'm staring to understand now the effect of Modernism in Architecture. The mention of 'Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy' (Hillenbrand Books, 2009) is great. hehe. hahanapin ko yung librong yun :)

    Mahilig pa naman sa modernism kaming mga architecture students pagdating sa mga structures. Tsk-tsk. I am not aware of this 'wrecknovation frenzy' in the Church Architecture until now.

    Any good Catholic reads on Modernism, sir? Salamat po :)