Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can still remember how the Queen reacted upon seeing the exhibit on Duchess Kate's gown.  Yup, I saw it on the news also.

And I reacted the same way after I read the first pages of this booklet, I said the very same thing the Queen said.

Be sure to check TPC in the coming weeks as I post excerpts from this Primer and analyze it based on the CCC and opinions of expert Latinists and liturgists.


PS:  I did not waste a single centavo for this copy.  I(t) was given to me.   I will never EVER buy this one.  And I was right all along not to spend my hard-earned money for this.


  1. You're Welcome and Keep My Family in Your Prayers as I do with Yours!(I Just Purchased Last Week a 1962 Missal,Next Stop:My First Latin Mass as A Young "Born-Again" Post-Modernist!!! God Willing! Mary Willing!)