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KC Caloocan Council Stands up for Life

Yesterday I posted about this.

Now here is a news article about the June 18 Pro-Life Conference in


MANILA, June 14, 2011―The Knights of Columbus is holding a symposium on the reproductive health bill aimed to counteract widespread misinformation that prevents citizens to make sound judgments on the issue.

"We are led to believe that the country is overpopulated when it is not. We are led to believe that contraceptives are safe and moral, which they are not. We are led to believe that maternal deaths are caused by non-access to contraception when in fact all we need to do is to improve basic medical services," said Rommel Lopez, council lecturer and recently elected Deputy Grand Knight of his council of the Knights of Columbus in Kalookan diocese.  [led to believe.  the keywords folks!]

Lopez believes that the division which this piece of legislation is causing among Filipinos―and even among some Catholics―is due to misinformation, hence resulting in varied positions regarding the bill.

"When we heard about the ongoing debates in media about the RH and how the issue drives a wedge among conservative and liberal or so-called ‘cafeteria Catholics,’ the Knights of Columbus decided it was high time that we informed the public―especially the ordinary Mass-going Catholics―of what the RH Bill meant for all of us," he explained.  [this is the Knights advocacy, the protection of the family and life.  This is the reason the Order of the Knights of Columbus was founded.]

"And so we thought of organizing an event where we could invite speakers who can talk authoritatively about what the RH bill is for Filipinos and for Catholics. We hope that by holding this symposium, we can educate our parishioners about the bill and the medical, social, moral and spiritual dangers it poses to a Filipino Catholic," Lopez said  [That is why we need to attend folks!  I wonder if they have security to prevent the FreeDumbers from coming.]

Dubbed "Stand up for Life!" the symposium brings together experts on the RH bill and related issues to tackle the various aspects involved: House Representatives Roilo Golez (Parañaque) and Mitos Magsaysay (Zambales), and Dr. Lissa Poblete and Dr. Gabby Dy Liacco both of Filipinos for Life.

The symposium on House Bill 4244 or The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011, is slated on June 18, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm at St. Mary’s Academy in Grace Park, Caloocan City.

"All of us Filipinos want the best for our country," Lopez said. "Unfortunately, some of the worst things that happened to the world happened with man having the best of intentions. [But] if people are informed of what the RH bill is and what it really wants to accomplish, then people would definitely come out and let their voices be heard that they do not want a bill that is redundant and does not respect their faith and the freedom to choose."

"Stand up for Life!" is spearheaded by the Knights of Columbus Our Lady of Grace Council 5617, in cooperation with the Our Lady of Grace Parish Ministry on Family and Life, the Diocesan Ministry on Family and Life, St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan City, and Filipinos for Life. (Diana Uichanco)


A friend who is a missionary in Hong Kong went to the mainland to visit some of his friends.  During one of his visits to a farming village, some members of the Communist Party went to distribute relief goods.  Maybe they just came from a natural calamity.  He was surprised to hear what some of the folks said after they received their goods "Send our thanks to Chairman Mao.  He is such a good man!"

Good heavens!  Its been year since that mad man died!  And people in China are still left out of the dark and they are led to believe that the lunatic is still alive and in control of the country!

That is how the Communist controlled the people.

That is how the Nazis brainwashed the people of Germany leading to believe that any non-Aryan is a stain to the human race.

That is how the pro-RH people does it:
  • that overpopulation or too much people is a curse to development
  • that people must not be taught how to discipline themselves when it comes to sex because we are such a horny creature.
  • that the fertilized human egg is nothing but blood that does not deserve protection and care in a humane society.

And they still think that the Right to Life is not the basic form of human right.

Right to promiscuous sex is...for them!

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