Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another one wants attention

Remember Humpty Dumpty?  Seems here publicity stunts gave this false prophets the idea.  Remember the INC spoof about calling the Natural Family Planning "Unnatural"?  Yeah.  I suffered from a migraine trying to deduce what those mean.  And the other thing called Felix Manalo is an angel.  Wait!




MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang is willing to mediate between Catholic Church officials who oppose the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill and other religious and civic groups who are for passage of the bill.

But ["]Bishop["] Rodrigo Tano believes debates on the RH bill have become divisive and are being used to delay the passage of the bill in Congress.

"I think there is too much bad faith, too much condemnation. Hasty generalization. We are tired of that. We are tired dilatory tactics in Congress," he told ANC's "Headstart." [Huh?  Some grammatical error in there.  I just don't know where to put in [sic].  Anywho, this guy just wants the attention, you know, like how the INC put up that HELLUVA STUPID STATEMENT for the sake of just being against the Catholic Church for the sake of, uhm, being against the Catholic Church no matter how monumentally stupid their statements maybe.  Well, come to think of it, if you follow a guy who went from one religion to another and then went to the USA to study with the Protestants and came back to the Philippines and *poof* TADAN!!! He calls himself an angel, wouldn't that be stupid?]

Tano is the chairman of the Interfaith Partnershio [sic] for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood, a coalition of 12 religious groups including the Iglesia ni Cristo.  [And what Responsible Parenthood did they do?  Give condoms to anyone who feels the urge, like INC?]

He said the group supports the Responsible Parenthood Bill because it can help government address the country's growing population. [To what end?]

"We believe, on the whole, it promotes the common good. If you think an average of 11 mothers die due to complications in pregnancy, [they die because of poor health services.  And how will contraceptives and abortifacients change that?] if you think 62 infants out of 100,000 die out of live births and the poor have more kids, if you realize there is relationship between population size and poverty, [If you Malthusian, but sorry dude, this is for Kuznet.  Read about him!] although that's contested [No!] but its more difficult for a family to have savings, and support their needs," he said.

"To me these are facts. These should not be a matter of ecclesiastical declarations but a matter of research and science," he said.  [They are but so are the declaration of scientists that most contraceptives save for the condom are abortifacients!]

He said that as far as some churches are concerned, marriage is for procreation. "But if you read the literature in Catholic Church, [huh?!  which one?] some would rather rank the two -- children and pleasure -- on equal footing. If you say procreation is main, every sex act should allow for the pregnancy," he said.  [Sex is primarily for married couples.  That is where we begin the discussion.]

Tano said he does not think condoms are sinful. "What is sinful is promiscuity, and immoral behavior and making use of condom as an excuse of promiscuity. The sin is promiscuity not the condom," he said.  [And condoms would not promote promiscuity?  Can you cite something as you say a matter of research and science", huh?]

The bishop said he is against any contraceptive method that is abortifacient.  [And what is it?  Obviously he does not know what he is talking.]

He also disagrees that sex education should only come from the child's parents, saying that various institutions should be interdependent in the development of the child including the school, state, family and civil society.


My professor used to say: BTT! Before Talking, Think!

This so called "bishop" forgot about it.

Got your five minutes of fame dude!

Go celebrate!

And dance for joy!


  1. With a few exceptions, the non-Roman Catholic Churches in the Philippines have failed to extend ecumenical courtesy to the Roman Catholic Church with respect to the RH bill. The most moderate statement came the Episcopal Church in the Philippines whose hierarchy supports the bill. However the ECP explains its position in the context of Anglican theology. (Their position is similar to what many pro RH Catholics stand for and I do know a lot of Catholic priests have this Anglican position) As a Catholic, I respect their position and they have never said in public statements that the Catholic Church is "backward", or worse "unnatural". The lack of ecumenical courtesy has been shown by some Protestants by dressing up like the Pope in cassock and miter and demonstrating in front of a Catholic cathedral for the RH Bill. I had to to tell this person that what he did was an affront to ecumenical courtesy.

    The Noynoy administration has also shown no modicum of courtesy to the Roman Catholic Church in this issue. Take for example the condescending statements of its spokespersons. They might as well call the Church stupid! I agree that some of our Catholic bishops can be silly in response to these people, but I think no bishop would in his right mind will consider the Church as stupid!

    The Noynoy administration is probably the only one in our recent history to play religious differences on this issue. This administration is speedily taking as on a Porsche along the "daang matuwid" to religious discord. This is something that our nation cannot afford. All just for condoms and contraceptives?!?

    That the Roman Catholic Church will not engage the non Roman Churches is debate on the matter is laudable since the Church remains committed to ecumenical courtesy.

    To be honest Mr Pinoy Catholic, the Church will lose this battle. We have to shift now to effective methods of charity and catechesis now.

    And BTW, at least one non Roman ecclesial community is anti contraceptives. I was surprised to hear on TV that Brother Eli Soriano of ADD has a stand similar to the Catholic one. But perhaps he is just in his anti INC mode!

  2. Ah...aside from the abortifacient effects of pills. Let us not forget that Oral Contraceptive Pills also causes breast cancer.

    ex-DOH sec Cabral admitted it so.

    So Tano and allies want women to drink as many pills as the government can give? They should prepare for the increase of cancer patients in the near future.

  3. Doc Ben, I would not use the word lose to attach to an institution that Christ Himself found.

    No, the battle is not yet over.