Monday, March 7, 2011

Ash Wednesday Survey

Ash Wednesday is just around the corner.

And I have this little survey to ask my dear fellow Pinoy Catholics everywhere.

After getting the ashes of your forehead, what do you do with it?

Wash it off immediately? 

Leave it on the forehead the whole day?

Wash it off before going to bed?

I will share my answer tomorrow at 8PM, Philippine Standard Time.


  1. Supposedly one is to wear it until it fades towards the end of Ash Wednesday. It is the only time the Sign of the Cross is visible to all.

  2. I have posted something on Ash Wednesday at the Anglican Use Philippines blog

  3. I wear the ashes for the whole day.

    Today I also observed Ash Monday in the Maronite Catholic Church in Brooklyn.

    May you have a Holy Lenten season

  4. I wear from the time I get it until before I go to sleep. I wash it before I sleeo.