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Another dissident Filipino "Roman Catholic" theologian priest

Filipino Priest: Sex a Good Thing; the Church Made it 'Bad'
By Santosh Digal

BAGUIO CITY, THE PHILIPPINES -- There are a handful of Catholic priests in the Philippines who will tell you sex is a “good thing.” A few will even admit that it’s the Church’s fault for making sex “a bad thing.”  [Now this really dumbed the hell out of me!]

Teachers and pastors here in Baguio (North Philippines) met one of these outspoken priests last week during a training retreat sponsored by the Institute of Women’s Studies that was devoted to gender sensitivity.  [Red flag!]

Some of the participants appeared surprised to hear a priest reveal how the Church had propagated sexism in Philippine society[Huh?!]

Fr. Percy Juan Bacani, a moral theologist and superintendent of high schools operated by the Diocese of Baguio, said the Catholic doctrine on “guilt” had very much eroded Filipinos’ appreciation for, and even enjoyment of, sex.  [Oh brother!  The Euntes Wiccan priest!  The former CICM of MST who broke away from the CICM Congregation to form the Missionaries of Jesus, a society of, uhm, let's say...oh brother!]

[This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your faith, brothers and sisters, because its gonna be a rough ride!  Too much turbulence being caused by a priest masking as a Catholic.] The Church, he said, is a male-dominated power center where the female plays a far diminutive role. [Like Mama Mary?  Ha!] It is this ideological foundation which explains why Filipino women today are less valued than women of an ancient Filipino culture where they were revered[Not my mother or wife!  Maybe yours MISTER I mean Fr. Bacani!  Ha!]

Women who shine in Catholic societies only achieve their ambition by imbibing the male culture, or by sustaining the myth “that the only good women are virgins,” Bacani said.  [This guy has real issues with his dad, doesn't he?  Like most angry nuns.  Don't you love to put them on slingshots like the Angry Birds?]

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, he said, is more “man-like” in her shrewdness at politics.  [Now hold on a jiminy second brother!  Don't you dare compare me to a crook!]

More were surprised when the priest suggested that the devoted turn back to the spiritual nature of indigenous Filipino worship in order to unlearn the Christian dogma that has made some religious Filipinos abhor sex[Wiccan.  Pagan.  EXCOMMUNICATED.  Period.]

Bacani cautioned his audience that his lessons about religion and sex were based on “my struggles to be a man in the right way.”   [Wait!  Let me get a pen and paper for that...Hmmm... "struggles to be a man..."  okay?  Uhm..How about to be a faithful and non dissident Catholic?  How about that?]

Bacani, 49, is one of the outspoken members of the “Missionaries for Jesus,” a group of Filipino priests who broke away from the Society of Jesus, citing “principled” issues. [Oh boy.  The reporter did not get the facts straight before writing this highly "principled" story.]

He said only 10 to 15 priests in the country had been advocating gender rights aggressively since 2004 when sex scandals implicating priests surfaced.

Bacani said sex scandals fueled a campaign among young priests to evaluate Church-dictated concepts of sexuality, but the hierarchy discouraged them.  [Oooooo.  Dan Brown and Carlos Celdran are so giddy right now!]

Society’s strong reaction to these scandals were too brief, he said, citing a local priest who was convicted by a Baguio court of sexual misconduct but who still won the mayoral race in a Benguet town.  [So what do you want to do?  Hang him?]

Bacani said he had been asking Baguio Bishop Carlito Cenzon to allow him to counsel local priests about sexuality, using his radical module, but has yet to receive a response.  [Try it first on yourself then let's see!  Good for Bishop Cenzon.  Wait!  Let's have a deal!  Why don't you celebrate the Traditional Mass in the Baguio Cathedral before we consider your module?  I heard his module and the other paper entitled "Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino" will be contributing a lot to save the planet...being used as recycled paper and all.  Right, Fr. Bacani?  You love saving "mother" nature, do yah?]

“I taught some priests about gender rights, and I spoke about it in my lectures at a seminary, but some seminarians protested the direction these discussions would take,” Bacani said.  [The seminarians had their "lunacy" vaccine shots.]

A pastor challenged some of Bacani’s core message by stressing that the country progressed better under the Church compared to the period when Filipinos revered a matriarchal leadership[Imagine that!  A pastor!  Hah!]

Raymundo Rovillos, a history professor at the University of the Philippines-Baguio, described Bacani’s advocacy as “a hard path” and said he was subverting centuries-old principles[Remember that Modernists and the kumbaya priests who can't get over the fact that Vatican II hoopla is on life support have one common denominator:  Shun the Traditional, Invent something New, Make People Laugh, Dance During Mass. Generate Publicity, Leave your Parishioners Hanging and Be on TV ALL THE TIME. Kaching, Kaching! $$$$$$]

Bacani said being tolerant of all sexual preferences meant accepting homosexuality.

He said that while the Church acknowledged homosexual orientation, it frowned on homosexual acts. He said this view was deceptive.  [Wait.  What part did we miss.]

Modern Christianity, he said, had fashioned its concepts about life, society, women and power around the patriarchy or a society run by males[If this guy flew on promo, he'd be left in the check in counter.  Too much baggage!  Over the weight limit.]

Historically, Bacani said, the Church’s ideological foundation is defined by the gender of Jesus Christ, who is male.  [So?]

The Church’s language reveals this bias, he said, because God is always “The Father,” [because Christ said so!] and the Church’s roster of saints is composed mostly of men. [And you blame men for that?] Sexuality also follows a patriarchal conceit, Bacani said.  [Ugh!]

Virginity is a doctrine that has no real value to society, [being pure is of no real value?  Boy, I am sinning right now thinking of how this 'priest' lives this life.  I mean, seriously, is he even CELIBATE right now?  STOP!  Don't give me that MST mumbo jumbo about thee OTHER definition of celibacy!  What I mean here is not having sexual relations with a woman and certainly with another MAN or even an animal!  Goodness gracious!]  but it persists under Church teachings, the priest said.

Bacani said this had made society frown at men who are aroused by a naked woman. Real sin, he said, takes place when a man obsesses and objectifies the woman.  [and your point is?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  Sorry, too much stink blurred my vision.  Ha!]

He said his lessons were not attacks on Christianity, [WHA?!?!?!]  but were discussion points for the faithful “because we need to revisit our religion... we need to review our faith.”  [With you as "reviewer"?  Please, I'd trust Gapus on this one rather than you!  If Martin Luther were alive he'd even excommunicate this guy from the Lutheran Church!  Such a wacko!]

The Episcopal Church is closer to emancipating all gender when it allows homosexuals and women to become part of its clergy, Bacani said.  [Wrong!  Not all!  Remember that thing called Anglicanorum Coetibus?  I know Doc Ben will be ranting with me against this Looney Tune reject.]

He said indigenous Filipino concepts in the Cordillera taught the faithful about sex far better than theological books could because Cordillera society allowed women a say in communal decisions[Maybe the cold weather of the Cordilleras got to his brain.  He was a missionary in Africa, so it maybe the heat.  Or maybe he is just plain nutty!  Have you ever been to the Visayas or the Tagalog, Ilocos region, Father Bacani?  Have you seen how old women, the matriarchs are treated by the clan?  I feel so sorry for you.  Very lonely childhood I guess.]

Rovillos said Cordillera women had a far healthier concept of sex.

“They do not have a word for ‘rape’ or ‘incest’ because that just never happens. But rape and incest now occur in the modern Cordillera world, and that is tragic,” he said.  [Let's ask Father Bacani what caused that professor.  Maybe he will say that most in the Cordilleras became Catholic and were taught by traditional Catholic catechists and missionaries and that is why they have an unhealthy view of sex!  Hey, fact check Fr. Bacani?  Have you ever heard of this invention called TV, DVD and Internet?]






Now will anyone suggesting that we have an inquiry about this?

Isn't this enough?

By the time you start the "investigation", Elvis has already left the building.

Remember those Filipino movies, where the protagonists, a group of young skinny women, beat the hell out of a group of burly thugs with sticks.  And by the time the cops arrive, all the thugs are in lala land, beaten by the calorie deprived women?

Yup .  That is how it looks if we become too "charitable" and give this Babaylan his right to due process more time to spread his filth!

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