Thursday, March 24, 2011

And she wants more attention...



MANILA, Philippines—Carlos Celdran strikes again.

The sought-after [he is? Yuck!] Intramuros tour guide and reproductive health (RH) rights advocate ripped out an anti-RH bill tarpaulin outside the compound of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in Manila on Friday, two church workers said Wednesday.  [And he was caught by CCTV cameras.  The fag admitted it on her Facebook account.]

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) also caught a man who looked like Celdran running away with the banner toward his car. He was wearing a polo barong and black short pants.

“I was surprised to see Celdran. I recognized him because he has been in the news. He was the one with the ‘Damaso’ (placard),” Richard Mari told reporters.

Celdran shocked top Catholic Church leaders in September last year when he disrupted an interdenominational religious service attended, among others, by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, at Manila Cathedral. [And the Papal Nuncio was also in the cathedral when he did it.]

In front of the altar, Celdran shouted and waved a placard that read “Damaso,” referring to the reviled Spanish friar Padre Damaso, a fictional character in national hero Jose Rizal’s celebrated novel, “Noli Me Tangere.”  [Because he is an idiot that really does not know anything about history and Rizal studies and feeds vitriol on his audience who don't know jack squat about Philippine history.]

He was protesting the Church’s lobbying against the RH bill, which administration allies are pushing in Congress.

After reporters called him Wednesday, Celdran put a status message on his Facebook account that he “was caught taking down an anti-RH sign at CBCP on CCTV camera.”

“Big deal. I’ll do it again. Stop getting involved in politics and spreading lies and I’ll stop ripping down your signs. That’s all I have to say,” Celdran said.  [Now that is utter arrogance and stupidity rolled into one fat blob of walking fat!  He'll stop the profanities if the Church stops Her opposition to the RH Bill.  And he calls himself someone standing up for someone else's rights?  The rights of Catholics end when he begins to demand his rights?  Is this what Celdran wants?]

Celdran’s latest caper happened at around 3:40 p.m. as Mari and another church worker, Richard Villaruel, were going out of the CBCP headquarters for a snack.

The two said they saw the tourist guide trampling on the tarpaulin to remove its frame before fleeing with it.

“Why did he remove the tarpaulin? Nananahimik ang tarpaulin tapos ginalaw niya (No one was bothered by it and look what he did),” Mari said.

Villaruel said he and Mari did not accost or chase Celdran. “I was just wondering why he removed the streamer. I knew it was Celdran because I often see him on television and in Intramuros for tours,” he said  [You were wondering?!  Dude, have you been under a bomb shelter for decades?!  The cold war has already ended?  Geez!  Someone give him a dossier of Celdranisms.  Good grief!  I am working a few meters away from where this happened.  If I saw this happened right before me, I would have given this Bad Cholesterol a UFC tackle!  And I am sure you would have seen me on TV and that fag would have known who The Pinoy Catholic really is!]

A CCTV camera of Ironcom Builders and Development Corp., whose office is across the CBCP headquarters on General Luna Street, caught a man running away with the white tarpaulin, which read: “Choose Life, Reject the RH/RP Bill—Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.”

As he was crossing the street toward the parking lot beside the CBCP compound, he was nearly hit by a motorcycle. The man then boarded a black car.

“Seriously. They have me on CCTV and got witnesses to ‘confirm’ it was me. Dang. I did it 3 p.m. Who says I was trying to hide it? I am coming clean. The damage I did to that signboard is nothing compared to the damage they have done to our society,” Celdran said in his Facebook account.

I hope the CBCP does not make a big deal of this. For their own sake,” he added. [Now that sounds like a threat!]

The CBCP president, Bishop Nereo Odchimar, declined to comment on the incident and instead referred reporters to the Manila Cathedral rector, Msgr. Nestor Cerbo.

Celdran was charged with offending religious feelings in the Manila Metropolitan Trial Court for his protest at the cathedral, but he and Church officials were supposed to have reached a settlement.

He was supposed to submit a letter of apology, a draft of which has been reportedly submitted in court by his lawyers, saying that the tour guide had not carefully thought of his protest at the cathedral.

The Church officials have to accept the letter as sufficient for the settlement to push through. But after what happened on Friday, it was not clear if they were still ready to accept Celdran’s apology.


Is this the same guy who asked for forgiveness and is even brokering a plea bargain for his publicity stunt at the Cathedral?

She said in its Facebook account that he is willing to go to jail for this latest escapade.

Then so be it!

Let that cheap blob of lard rot in Hell!

To the CBCP, don't think twice!  Send the fag to jail!


  1. What a pathetic and sad case Celdran is. I really feel sorry for him.

    Now resorting to petty vandalism. Not getting enough attenion? Your name is not mentioned in the news and you feel ignored.

    It is obvious that he is unrepentent so the bishops should reject his letter of "apology". He should do the time for his crimes.

    And in regards to his threat to the church. Bring it on fairy!

    Celdran is unable to procreate and he wants all others to join in his misery and hate.

    Will his parents still change his diapers? When will they stop cleaning up his little messes.

  2. Dona Cosolacion was Urging The Dissenters to Walk Out of Church,Guilt-Free,When Pro-Life Sermons are Preached/Anti-RH Petitions are Passed On Pew by Pew.(She Also Said These Should Be Called Meetings,not Masses,She Also Expressed Interest in Attending "Meetings" for Not-so-Holy Reasons)

    Dona Also Questioned The "Hypocrisy" of The Church when Allowed The Burial of Angelo Reyes.

    Her Warning Was:"If You Keep On Meddling On the Bill,You will Lose Credibility on Other Issues!"

    She Also Tried To Help in The Construction of The A Certain Church,But She Stopped Upon The Announcement of The Pastoral Letter.

    BTW,One of Her Admirers Said Some Priests are Also Pro-RH(Damn Modernists!)



    This List of Dona's Crimes Could Go Longer,But I Want to STOP HERE!


  3. Indeed Celdran wants more attention. One of my buddies said that he thought that his caper will land him on the front page. Too bad, Merciditas stole his spot on the broadsheets.

    Well, the cure for this Celdran is to ignore him. Stop giving him the publicity that he wants. And anyway, his act is just a papansin because he has a new TV show in the News Channel of TV 5.

  4. Oh, yeah. That UHF channel that nobody watches!

    Boycott TV5 for promoting SMUT TV!

    For giving Willie Revillame and Dona Consolacion work!

  5. GRRRR. Why not just excommunicate the guy?! What’s with these bishops who are quick to dispose of traditional Catholics and brand them “excommunicated” but wishy-washy with people like this. Freethinker!? Akala ko ba free? Eh bakit namemwersa? Tapos marahas na nangpupunit ng karatula at hindi igalang ang “free”dom of expression – to express our disagreement? Kung talagang freethinker kayo hayaan nyo kami na tumutol at labanan ang pananaw nyong mali? Because our free thinking mind is binding us to do so, and we cannot do otherwise. YON and freethinker! Free daw! Eh mas mura pa ang pamasahe jeep (minsan mabait pa si manong tsuper at nakakalibre sa pasahe). Wala nang libre ngayon, (kahit mga utak nyo). These people are even more dogmatic than Pius IX or St. Pius X, Karl Marx or Nietzsche. At least these people are honest, Catholic kung Catholic, Communist kung Communist, Nihilist kung Nihilist. Napaka fickle minded mo Carlos talo pa ang babae! Yung mga sumusuportang devote “Christians” daw pero pro RH. I invite them to renounce Christianity and embrace the dogmatic freethinking heresy of the Force of Bernard Shaw. Amen. Sorry bro TPC nakakabadtrip basahin ang article mo.

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