Saturday, February 26, 2011

How the evil of contraception and abortion started...

That is why the thorn on the pro-life movement is the support of those who are AGAINST abortion but are supportive of artificial contraception.

It is downright ironic, stupid and hypocritical!

And they call themselves BIBLE CHRISTIANS!

Damn you Martin Luther for starting this all!

And you stupid "bishop"!

Shut the hell up or you'll end in hell!

Marino Inong


  1. A very good and informative video. Everyone should see it.

    Pinoys should be very wary of Protestantism. In the United States, the United Church of Christ is officially supporting abortion.

    Michael Voris is dead on when he says what Marino Inong (sorry I can't bring myself to use Bishop) means is that he does not support abortion...yet.

    The lifesite news link above confirm that most of the mainline protestant sects support abortion as well.

    Let's follow the money. That Planned Parenthood is now campaigning in the Philippines, one can speculate how much money Marino Inong and other community leaders and politicians are getting from Planned Parenthood and other death pedlars.

    I am fully aware that the protestant heresy is spreading in the Philippines and this is a tragedy. They are seizing on the current crisis of the Catholic church and also the naive and ecumenism many Catholics are so obsessed with that they cannot condemn them and their errors.

    This battle is a no brainer in that it has been fought in America 40 years ago and the devil has one. The after effects are visible for all to see. As Michael says, the devil is using his tried and tested tactics to inflict his death cult on the Philippines and we must really pray that he does not win.

  2. PC, especially at this time, I would recommend running these videos on your site.

    This video is by Live Action. They sent actors posing as a pimp and prostitute to a Planned Parenthood clinic. The PP employ advised them how they could run their business and how to get birth control for their 13 year old prostitutes. The actor even told her that some were illegals that were trafficed over and others were being held without their parents knowing where they are. The PP employs said that the younger they are the cheaper the rates and that confidentiality is guaranteed.

    I would recommend showing this on your site.

    This is a longer video. It goes into Planned Parenthood's racist and eugenic history. Margaret Sanger, the founder, was a racist and eugenicist who wanted to kill all those she felt undesirable.

    This is very ugly stuff. Pinoys should be frightened at their presence. It really shows the politicians and those who support the RH bill in a new light.