Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GULP ALERT: The sisters got bored

Yup dear TPC readers. These nuns got bored with being just a simple religious who consecrated their lives to the Lord.

So I present to you, the new kind of altar girls of the Philippines!

Organized by the St. Vincent School of Theology for the Pastoral Conference of the Philippines II Conference and tolerated by no other than...just scroll down.

From the thurifer to the cross bearers and candle bearers...what's the point, ha?

This is one of the many reason why I don't send my kids to an RVM run school.  If their Foundress were alive...

Of course any Mass in Manila won't be complete without your typical animistic dance to appease the god of inculturation, Anscar Chupungco.

As if waiting for their cue in a they are in a procession!

Cardinal Rosales...yeah!  And the Vestal...oh wait.

Girl power, yeah!  Oh wait...

With this kind of liturgy, and with these kind of nuns, you get the feel that they hate being on the sidelines and not on stage ehrm...sanctuary or near the altar  ehrm...Table of the Lord.

So what's next sisters?  ORDINATION?

Oh come on, say it.  We know you are DYING to have it!  St. Vincent, MST and LST, were most of you study, are advocating it though chicken to do it in public, not like their American and European counterparts!

You just can't stand being treated like second class citizens of the Church right?

You just have to be priests, right?


  1. Is this the historical Church in San Marcelino? It looks like it's within my former Alma Mater. Nakakahiya (at nakakalungkot). I even tried to get some of the Vincentians to say the TLM. Sayang. Sad that they even maintained the high altar in their chapel in the ST Building. Let's not lose hope. Alam ko may masasalba pa sa kanila. St. Vincent de Paul, counter-reformer and strict supporter of the Council of Trent, pray for your priests.

  2. Another disgrace. Yet, if this Cardinal celebrated a Pontifical Tridentine Mass in Latin (minus the half naked fellows and religious in procession) I could see all the wonderful picture of old vestments and we would hear how wonderful the whole things was.

    God willing, doctrine will be restored and the true faith taught. This will not take place under the current half-modernist (half-naked) regime.

  3. Tell me it's only a dream!!!

    Why don't Card. Rosales take some action about these things? If I were him I'd rather abolish liturgical inculturation and these nuns serving the mass. It's fine if they will help the acolytes set up for the mass and help distribute communion but using a thurible, acting as cross and candle bearers and book bearer is just messy.
    About those "native" guys... It seems that they are saying we are influenced by paganism that's bad really bad!
    What's that? "Linggo ng Wika"? (Remember Native Filipinos don't believe in Christ they believe in their so called gods and anitos even until now)

  4. What the....!

    I will not be surprised if you will post a priest from that church wearing Igorot costume half-naked, while saying the Mass.

    Grrr...may they change their ways and see the fact that God is still showing mercy for their false teachings.

  5. Altar?girls should not be in the sanctuary.
    Cardinal Rosales should completely step down and let the younger bishop(traditional minded) run the diocese.

    Half baked mass What next??

    sedevacantits priest in England

  6. What seems to be missed, despite all the nice presentation from time to time of "traditional" looking Latin Mass in the Philippines (bringing out Roman vestments etc) is that most of these young men do not have the Roman Catholic faith! I've seen presented "Indult" or "Motu" priests offering a "Latin Mass" (and frequently, it is not correct, which is sinful by the way) and then you see them distribute communion in the hand etc. They really don't care, but they like the dress up, just like the Anglicans do.

    The bottom line is that the Cardinals, the bishops, the priests who use the New Mass service definintely deny Catholic dogma, especially about the salvation teaching. This makes them non-Catholic and heretical, and we sin by going to such men for the Sacraments, valid or not. Who cares about altar girls, half naked servers and other odd things, when they don't even have the faith? Which comes first?

    I can testify to the Filipinos that come to USA: they do not know the Catechsim, but are up on all the superstition pracitces. They frequently come to USA, live in sin (they "marry" before the Justice of the Court) and then have a "big wedding" back home. This is testimony to the lack of a Catholic faith, or in reality, they simply don't care.

    Most Pinoy clergy in USA act goofy and you'll find "conservtive" Latin Mass loving pinoy priests who hang around with the far-out liturgical freaks. they are all in the same boat.