Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inculturated Eucharistic Adoration and Procession

This is how this priest and his followers do their Eucharistic Adoration, by incorporating cultural dance into it.

This was done in Rio de Janeiro for the Congress of new Catholic communities

Hold on to your seats my dear friends.

It will get veeerrryyyy UGLY.

When will this end?

When will it stop?!


  1. Laday Gaga's music is tuning in "Just Dance!" what a foolish people with no understanding
    It looks like they are worshiping the golden calf in exodus...

    I don't think that's a real priest. If he is a priest so he is making a fool of himself too. If he is a part of the clergy he should not do this and give respect.

    They are making fool out of our Lord's presence in the Sacrament!
    Liturgical inculturation destroys everything!

  2. It is difficult to believe that most of the people in this video were meditating on the terrible death of Jesus on the Cross for our terrible sins, or that he rose from the dead, not so we could "dance" but so we could witness (meaning be "martyrs") for him.

    Adoration is one of the very things that caused me to once again believe in the Real Presence after many years as a Protestant. If I had been there during this occasion, I am not sure I would have so likely done so. Or even come back.

  3. Adoration helped me to come back to a faith in the Real Presence of the crucified, then risen, Lord Jesus Christ, after many years as a Protestant.

    Had I been present at this "adoration" instead I am not sure it would have so likely done so. Part of what moved me was the silence and reverence which I found missing in my evangelical experience.

    Here it would seem that they wish to BE Protestant.

  4. I remember disagreeing with a Filipino Greek "Orthodox" priest, Fr. P. (well I know you know who he is) defending the Greek "Orthodox" concept of "inculturation" - that one of the reason why of his so-called Orthodoxy is better than "Roman" Catholicism's acculturation. The former assimilating local expression of the Theos and includes them in that particular church's celebration; while the latter imposes its own culture to its adherents without considering the valid expression of that locality. Magsama kayo ni Fr. Chups. Bakit hindi puto at dinuguan ang ilagay sa Prothesis nyo at magtinikling yung pari at deacon nyo pagdating ng Little Entrance. It's no wonder why some Russian "Orthodox" prelates are disgusted with some of Greek priests' concept of tradition. And, it's also no wonder why the former Russian Patriarch affirmed and supported the Bishop of Rome's motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum.

  5. For the life of me!!!!

    At first I thought there was a commotion on the stage and then I saw an old man jumping in circle wearing a familiar garment.

    I thought the filipinos are good at this one. You should be ashamed that some folks beat you!

    I'd say: 100% in showmanship!