Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You-Know-Who wants to settle out of court?

Look at the utter hypocrisy...

The other hand seeks mercy and forgiveness while the other holds a knife with which to supplant the Church!

To the Manila Cathedral authorities...

Give him what him deserves best!

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  1. Obviously he does not have any regrets over what he did and does not have the guts to endure his due punishment. The pinoy bishops should not be fooled. If he can attack and then mockingly say sorry and get away with it, then future attacks will be coming and the worse they will be.

    Viewing the comments at his page I am surprised by the lack of intelligence by many of his supporters. They make no valid arguments but are only centered on mocking and insulting the church. All they can do is spout vitrol. Even going so far as being insulted that one of them could be excommunicated. LOL! Not only lack of intelligence but mental health problems seem rampant among them.

    Let's not overestimate Carlos Celdran or his fans. Celdran appears nothing more then a spoiled bakla from an affluent family who has never took responsibility for himself or his actions. His jobs were always set up for him and he never really accomplished anything on his own and was always bailed out of his troubles (maybe the punishment for his actions at the Cathedral will help him).

    Celdran and his supporters appear to be nothing more then useful idiots and in the end they deserve our prayers. The real villains in this mess are the pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politicians in their pockets who stand to make a fortune out of the RH bill.