Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What awaits them?

Let's play a simple game.

Change the word abortion to contraceptive.

Admit it.  One leads to the other.

Hey, Carlos! Hey Edcel!

There is something after death.

There is time to change.

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  1. I do not know if it is worth saying...

    Are not the pro RH people promoting themselves as being the voice "the people". Is not Celran promoting himself as a modern day Jose Rizal. Looking into the backgrounds of most of these people they come the ruling classes. In Celdran's own Wikipedia entry (as if he deserves one) his ethnicity is listed as "Filipino of Spanish descent". Just as the Spanish colonists looked to the "motherland" 120 years ago maybe the ruling elites still are in that Spain has long ceased to be a church going nation. The church and people in the Philippines are solidly Filipino.

    This is a time when the ruling elites in the Philippines have rose against the common Filipino peasant.

    This should be thrown back in their faces.

    On a different note, unless Aquino and Lagman are excommunicated the church will lose credibility.