Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sign the Petition and Pray for Life!

Sign the St. Michael Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionist.  Include those who are pushing the RH Bill including our president!

The petition calls for those who pledge to pray the St. Michael prayer after every mass for the defense of life.

You can also download the prayer by clicking here. It is also available in other languages including in the original Latin.

I personally believe in the power of this prayer and am hoping that this prayer be made said mandatorily every Mass.

Here is the prayer in jpeg format.

After the liturgical revolution of Vatican II, this prayer was omitted from the Mass, for whatever reason I could imagine, I still do not know!
Sign the petition here and pray for the conversion of those who are promoting the culture of death.

And yes, definitely, our prayers include Carlos Celdran!

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