Monday, November 22, 2010

Is ABS-CBN subtly running an anti-Catholic agenda?

Yes, they have regular Sunday Mass...

But this makes me wonder.

Why is ABS-CBN re-running an episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya", where a priest falls in love with a woman and the priest eventually leaves the clerical state.

I have heard that it has been shown for at least 3 times already.

Isn't it odd that the network would re-run this episode at the time when the moral authority of the Church is being challenged? 

RH Bill ring a bell?  Damaso stunt of an Attention Seeking tour guide?

Take note:  they have a Jesuit priest in their employ.


  1. ABS-CBN is supporting Noynoy. Noynoy supports the RH Bill. This is one of the reasons why ABS is attacking the Church.

  2. Here in Canada, on Saturday night we were were watching TFC (The Filipino Channel) which is the ABS-CBN cable channel. They were running a show about a woman whose children were molested by a priest. This would definitely put ideas in the subconscious or conscious that the church is corrupt and not trustworthy. Coincidence?

    It definitely looks like ABS-CBN is not even pretending to be objective and is actively participating in attacking the church.

  3. This shows how such irresponsible media ABS-CBN is. Remember how they supported politicians in their agenda and calling themselves "Pinagkakatiwalaan ng lahat"! Well, the "lahat" is lahat ng politiko!

    When it's hot, juicy, and milky for money opportunity, bet on ABS-CBN!