Saturday, November 13, 2010

GULP Exam: Spot the not in Manila

I posted this photo yesterday and I intentionally did not point out what was wrong in this photo.

So spot the not folks!


  1. pallium, mitre, and pastoral staff (i'm guessing this was taken during the homily) are missing?

    anyways, uhm, i spot that the candle holders, other than the fact that they are incomplete in number, on the high altar are on the mensa itself rather than on the "tabor" for which they were made..

    im stumped..

  2. Maybe The Flowers are Near the Pulpit and NOT on The Altar as Supposed to Be?

    or The Bishops are Seated with Their Backs turned to The Tabernacle?

  3. Dear Mr Pinoy Catholic. It is of great joy for me to tell you that the Eucharist is still said ad orientem at the Episcopal Church of St Mary the Virgin using the traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer during the dawn and early morning masses

    How come the Roman Catholic Church has lost much of that? It is so unfortunate.