Monday, November 22, 2010

GULP EXAM: A liturgical headache

I won't be asking you what's wrong in this video.

But I am asking you to COUNT the number of liturgical no-no's in this one.

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful that we have more priests ordained.

But catching liturgical offenders? That's another thing.


  1. I found 6 liturgical abuses in the video, so far:

    • Ordinands wearing different liturgical colors of stoles (One ordinand wears white, another ordinand wears green, yet another ordinand wears red,...).

    • You can't see the tabernacle behind the altar. Instead, you can find there... the Presider's chair.

    • Tabernacle is located to the side. Somewhere at the left side (congregation's perspective).

    • Concelebrant priests wearing overlay stoles (with the coat-of-arms of the Diocese of Cubao in it, although the Seminary is within the Diocese of Imus). And chasu-albs.

    • The Book of Gospels is enthroned somewhere beside the Presider's Chair.

    • Cardinal Rosales didn't wear the pallium. Nor the pontifical dalmatic.

  2. Just watching that triggered my migraine! You're a bit cruel today Mr. TPC!

    Im thankful too that a few more men were ordained to the Sacred Priesthood but we can only pray that they be steadfast and faithful to Holy Mother Church!

    Let me just comment on one thing that irked me the most, what the heck was up with the "multi liturgical colors" (if I could coin that here.. ahaha!) for the diaconal stole?! WHAT WAS THAT! Let me guess, it calls to mind the Liturgical seasons and as such was "rich in symbolism"?! If i had a penny for such lame GULP EXCUSES (another term to be coined? ahaha!) I'd be rich and could have paid for my brother's Seminary Education myself - 100x over at that!!

    Im guessing, Bishop Antonio Tagle is their Local Ordinary?.. I digress!

    Ciao from Rome!