Thursday, September 23, 2010

GULP Exam: Notice something wrong here?

I'll give the answers tomorrow.

To members of SLAP and police officers of GULP, time to SPOT THE NOT!


  1. First, let me just commend and thank His Excellency for wearing the Simar! Sadly, he's not wearing his Pectoral Cross properly (Hanging on the clasp as it should be.. but Im just being too picky!)

    It boggles the mind how the Philippine church went from zealously loyal guardians of Catholic tradition to how it is today. Our priests of the past always wore CASSOCKS even in our climate! The alb is never to be used as a replacement for the Cassock because the alb is not to be used as everyday dress! It is a liturgical garb that is part of the Sacred Vestments used for the celebration of the Liturgies!

    They need to be reminded that as a TROPICAL Country, the clergy are allowed to wear the Cassock in WHITE even with the black pipping and the fascia! The best example of seeing this PROPER TROPICAL Cassock for priests can be seen with the Canons of Christ the King Sovereign Priests in their Apostolate in Africa and the priests of the Archdiocese of Colombo! His Exceleency himself is wearing the Tropical Simar for Prelates so why can't they?!

    Also, the wearing of the COLLARE cant be seen!!! God Help us!

  2. The priests are wearing albs but are not serving in a liturgical service. The priests who are attending a meeting of sorts could wear clerical street dress or their cassocks. If they are at worship, they should wear choir dress.

  3. In Fairness to the Jesuits,they wear their White Cassocks(Soutanas)once in a while.(I wish that they wear it more often than NOT)

  4. Strange but true: some priests don't seem to know the difference between an alb and a cassock. I've seen a number of priests (Cardinal Rosales among them) go to secular functions wearing an ALB! On the other hand, some use the cassock as an alb for Holy Mass...

  5. Yeah I do agree Mr Carlos,some Priests(and even Bishops) are weird aren't they?