Friday, August 20, 2010

2 priests barred from celebrating Mass

MANILA, August 19, 2010—Two Catholic priests based in Manila have been denied the faculty to celebrate the sacraments.

The Archdiocese of Manila, in a circular, warned the faithful Fr. Romeo Tena of the Society of African Missions [Photo at left] who has been asking donations without permission.

Fr. Rufino Sescon, Manila archdiocese’s chancellor, said Tena has reportedly been celebrating Mass and collecting money at Manila’s Port Area.

“We wish to inform you that Father Tena has no permission from his society to celebrate the Sacraments,” [?] Sescon said in the circular.

The chancellor said the public warning was issued after Tena’s superiors have requested that the priest not be permitted to say Mass in the archdiocese but gave no reason for the refusal. [Now this is interesting!]

In Diocese of Parañaque, Church officials also barred Fr. Renato Frias from celebrating the Sacraments.

Fr. Benjamin Molina, Jr., chancellor of Parañaque diocese, said Frias defied “numerous warnings” of Bishop Jesse Mercado prohibiting him from practicing exorcism.

The chancellor said the priest also asked for donations and celebrated Mass in private venues without the knowledge or permission of the parish priest. [The letter on the right is a scan of the original.  This is available in the Archdiocese of Manila's website.] (CBCPNews)


I am not sure if the SMA is a society of pontifical right, but if they are not, then Fr. Tena's superior have every right to censure him from celebrating the Sacraments if they find credible ground to impose these censure against him.

I have heard a lot of priests asking for donations for various bogus projects here and left.    I know one of a parish priest in the Diocese of Caloocan, his parishioners petitioned Bishop Deogracias Yniguez that he be removed from his post, but he still remains in his post.  Most of the time, this priest will tear down a part of the church or rectory and have the "renovated" or "improved" for no reasons at all!  And the best part...

...the projects do not pass through the Parish Pastoral Council and he always has only one contractor for his projects.

We hope Bishop Yniguez hears the cry of his flock and investigate this priest.  I heard from a friend how this priest lives his life.  Only one can imagine.  He has been in my prayers for so long that he reform...but he is obstinate.

I guess with these censures being issued by the Archdiocese of Manila, I think the hierarchy is closing in on priests who make the ministry a milking cow of sorts.


  1. Priests should wear their celebrets like IDs.

  2. Catholic laity should help its priesthood . . . because I think it's about time we give back what we have been receiving from them since time immemorial . . . so that in all things God may be glorified!