Tuesday, July 6, 2010

GULP Report: The Baptism and Confirmation of Charice

The girl in the middle is YouTube sensation and Pinay pop icon, Charice.  At 17, she was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church by Pasig Bishop Francisco San Diego. (Photo courtesy of CBCP


1.  Charice and her brother were baptized and confirmed in the same day.  We do not know the circumstances why it took her mom so long to have her children receive these Sacraments late into her children's lives.

2.  Notice the men assisting th bishop.  I can guess that they are priests.  Notice the alb of the bishop also.  Laces galore!  Hmmm...I can hear an old bitter liturgist grumbling in the background.

3.  The bishop is wearing a cope.  You can see from the photo that he has taken off his miter.  I am pretty sure Bishop San Diego is also wearing his stole.  Those are the right liturgical vestments for a baptism and confirmation officiated by a bishop NOT chasuble and stole as most priests do!



  1. If I recall correctly, news reports indicated that Charice (and probably her brother too) were converts from Iglesia (INC), hence the late baptism.

    By the way, one of the priests assisting Bishop San Diego looks like Fr. Mark Sese (it's probably him), the parochial vicar of the Cathedral and vice chancellor of the Diocese of Pasig. He's the kind of priest who's not afraid to wear the biretta.

  2. Did Charice come from a family with a Christian religious background? I find it amazing that her Pinoy family would not even have her baptized or dedicated (as some non-Catholic groups don't baptize until the child has attained the age of reason) unless they were non-religious or non-Christian. When I was part of an RCIA ministry overseas, it was not uncommon for adults who decided they want to be Catholic to tell me that they were raised without any religious orientation at all. I know this would sound strange for most Pinoys.

    I was baptized as an infant but I was confirmed in adulthood when I decided to seek confirmation in the Catholic Church. The Military Bishop confirmed me. But I was not made to undergo RCIA which is for people who do not come from a Christian background. The Bishop just gave me the Catechism to read and prayerfully reflect on. The next day he asked me to promise what is said in the Creed before Chrismation. After which I received the Eucharist.

  3. it took them so long to be "baptized" because they were at a loss then, but they were given a chance in time to think. Lo, the prince of darkness won. They have forsaken their being the Chosen.