Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GULP Alert: Dutch Priest who celebrated "World Cup Mass"... SUSPENDED

You can get a lot of weirdness these days and this is one of them.

Watching the video, I recall my younger days when I would assists priests in village Masses, either in the city slums or in mountain communities.  It can get pretty too "creative" with the priests I was with invoking the "Spirit of Vatican 2".

To the GULP and SNAP, there a gazillion liturgical abuses (Ehem.  It is creativity not abuse.) committed in this video...WATCH OUT.

Prepare your barf bags! Watch out for the Communion in the Hand. Close your eyes. It's pretty ugly. You would think the priest is just handing out pennies.

In a latest news update, the American Papist, Thomas Peters, reported that the priest in the video was suspended by his bishop.  His reader from the Netherlands sent it the following message and I quote:
On Sunday, July 11, father Paul Vlaar, parish priest of St. Victor’s parish in Obdam, celebrated Holy Mass – on the occasion of Soccer World Cup – in an orange chasuble and furthermore using texts and objects which were a violation of the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist.
Such in spite of the promises that the priest made to his Bishop, not to mingle Holy Eucharist with profana.
So the Bishop, mgr. dr. Jozef Punt of Haarlem-Amsterdam, in a meeting with this priest on Thursday, July 15, suspended him. He will immediately leave the parish and is forbidden the administration of the Sacraments.

Well, based on the message, it looks that this priest has a long history with liturgical creativity (shush! it is not abuse! It is creativity!).

Kudos to his bishop for doing what is expected of him. Wish we could have one those bishops here, eh?

Can we expect a similar disciplinary action against Fr. Archie Guiriba and his concert Pentecostal-like Masses?


  1. The question is whether other Christian traditions can "enrich" the Mass of Paul VI. But we have to take into account Tradition. By this we mean that the Tradition has an Apostolic continuity.

    The Mass of Paul VI may be enriched by traditions particular to the Eastern Catholic Churches. But this will need Vatican approval. I believe that Rome will not encourage this to protect the integrity of the Roman Rite like it protects the Eastern Rites.

    If Fr Guiriba wants to be really Pentecostal, he could join the Charismatic Episcopal Church. The CEC has a Catholic orientation and even claims valid succession.

  2. That is where the problem lies with most bishops with the exception of Archbishop Raymund Burke. With dissenters and liturgical abusers such as these, we all spend much of our time with dialogue while they keep on their happy ways, hurting and causing scandal to the Church. Seems there is a pattern here, eh?