Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating Summorum Pontificum with a blognic!

For those who are avid followers of Fr. Z's awesome blog, he would always invite his readers to a blognic, or a blog picnic.  Whenever he would visit a place, he would invite his readers for a blognic in a specific resto.

He recently went to the Big Apple for a blognic after celebrating a TLM, in NYC of course for the 3rd Anniv. of SP.

I was watching the blognic as it happens, live!  Fr. Z used his iPhone 4 to stream the video via his Radio Sabina Z-Cam.  Awesome!  The stream ran for a few seconds and then the viewers numbers quickly spiked up!  Judging from the photos, I am pretty sure everybody had a blast!

Wish Fr. Z can come here to the Philippines so we can have our blognic here. Or maybe...

TPC readers can have a blognic of our own?  What say you, savvy?

We have our own Fr. Z here, don't we?  Fr. Jojo Zerrudo?  LOL.

Maybe after the Anglican Use Evening Prayer that our friends, Ben and Bruce, is organizing?

Someday, I'll post the faith-story of Bruce who I learned lately is an "Anglican Use Roman Catholic (a convert from the Episcopal Church in the US) who has lived in the Philippines for several years".  Maybe an interview is in the offing?

If you want to see more photos of the Mass and the blognic, click here.  Thanks to cregduff for the photos.

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