Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A tshirt is NOT a clerical garb!


Apart from the stole, you'll never notice that this Pinoy priest is a priest.

You would mistake the man assisting the priest to be properly dressed to look like a priest.

Don't you think so?

“The Church must always seek to make her presence visible in everyday life, especially in contemporary culture, which is often very secularized and yet sensitive to the language of signs. In this regard the Church has a right to expect a significant contribution from consecrated persons, called as they are in every situation to bear clear witness that they belong to Christ. Since the habit is a sign of consecration, poverty and membership in a particular Religious family, I join the Fathers of the Synod in strongly recommending to men and women religious that they wear their proper habit, suitably adapted to the conditions of time and place.”
- Pope John Paul II, Vita Consecrata, March 25, 1996

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  1. Priests and deacons should wear cassocks or albs, with stoles when doing sacramental actions outside Mass. However we see priests wear chausables or albs when preaching outside Mass like in prayer rallies. This is not right since these vestments are Eucharistic vestments.