Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The presidential election and a feng-shui master

My boss, even though raised a Catholic and educated in prestigious Catholic institutions here in the Philippines is a devoutly (pun intended) Feng shui follower.  Yeah, that's right.  Catholicism and geomancy don't mix.

He is a regular customer of Mr. Charlie Chao (pictured above), a renowed feng shui master here in Manila.  If I am not mistaken, he charges around P2,500 per hour of site inspection.  This means, Mr. Chao went around the property to "investigate" the proper energy flow, whatever that means.

Anyway, after his CSI work, we had lunch with him.  During lunch we talked about a lot of topics one of which is the coming general elections.

Using his expert feng shui opinion, he said that candidate Noynoy Aquino will not win because his facial features are not presidentiable.  He also said that Noynoy Aquino's chi and his birthdates do not assure him that he will become the next president.

He also said that the next president will be Gilbert Teodoro.  My boss then said, "He never fails in his predictions."

I told myself  "I can't wait for the election."

And the winner is...

Well, Monday's election proved that feng shui is nothing more than those who are willing to pay the price to tell them that they will be lucky and successful in life.


  1. The Feng Shui expert makes more money than a geologist who looks into geological hazards for a building project. A feng shui expert can charge up to 200 K per project or even more and they pay the geologist only 10K!

    You are right Catholicism and geomancy don't mix. But Geology and Catholicism do. The father of Geological sciences is none other than Nicolas Steno, a convert from Lutheranism to Catholicism who later became a bishop and a leading figure in the Counter-Reformation.

  2. He is a regular customer of Mr. Charlie Chao (pictured above), a renowed feng shui master here in Manila. fengshui