Saturday, May 15, 2010

Patriarch Quevedo?

I learned from a reliable source that Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato who is also the Secretary General of the Federation of Asian Bishop's Conference is running the FABC as if it were his own diocese.  Sources told me that he fired those who were vocal with the way he runs the Federation.  One source told me that the archbishop puts his weight around especially during meetings of the Federation.

First things first, the FABC is not a diocese.  It is a consultative body.  I and the people at FABC are getting the impression that Archbishop Quevedo is acting as if he is above other Asian bishops.

My source described in one word how the Archbishop runs the FABC:  "DISASTROUS!"

So, I think that takes him out of possible candidates for the Sees of Manila and Cebu, eh?


  1. Maybe he thinks he is a Major Archbishop?!

  2. hahahaha is he a Eastern Catholic Hierarch to act as if he is a Sui Iuris Head of a Sui Iuris Church??!!!