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The May 02, 2010 Sunday interview of the Cardinal at Manila Cathedral produced so much adverse reactions to the answer given, when someone asked if a certain candidate loses, there will be people power. The Cardinal gave the answer, having in mind that the present situation, more than a week before Election Day, does not yet warrant any plan for mass movement of people. He was not against People Power, by itself, against dictators and injustices, for which he prayed much during the first EDSA 1986. [Hmmm...] The interview words he used should have been well reflected on, words he (lately and now) admittedly did not mean (much less to hurt the sensibilities of others). [The words were: "Come on, let's use our head. These are two different things. That's just crazy, crazy, crazy."]

He believes that the people are to participate in a free election, for this is their right; to freely choose their leaders. [This is a non issue to begin with.  The comments about a People Power were not along these lines.] But should there be, in the actual process of voting, proven massive cheating, the use of violence and massive election fraud, then this is the time to respond to whatever the people’s mass movement could justly claim; and this would be supported. That was the tradition turned to us by our predecessors, and that was what was enshrined in the constitution[But will His Eminence be ready to step up to the plate this time?]

As reported, there is a growing distrust of Government Commissions, Departments and Tribunals, which does not augur well for good governance and the good of the people. Let us help to recover that lost respect and trust, by keeping close watch [We keep watch because we don't trust.  That's the logic behind poll watching.] of these Commissions or Departments and publicly identify the wrongdoers.

Since already the whole nation is primed for and actually preparing for the electoral practice of choosing leaders, the Archbishop is in favor of not hurriedly circumventing the election process, before a renowned mass movement remedy is assumed.

Thank you for the kind reading of this clarification, and much blessings for the healing of more acrimonious remarks. God Bless All.


Archbishop of Manila
05 May 2010


See why I still miss Cardinal Sin?


  1. I think you should stop comparing the present Cardinal Archbishop with late Cardinal Jaime Sin. We should be attached to the See and not to the person occupying the See. It's like missing John Paul II, who is a sort of showbiz megastar (given his background as an actor) over Benedict XVI (who isn't a megastar and even we make him one, he won't be comfy with that role). Surely JP II led his Church well but he is now with the Lord. We know listen to the moral teaching of Benedict XVI. The same way with the Archbishop of Manila. We used to listen to Sin, but he is now with God. We should now listen to the Rose, who is now Archbishop and with us.

  2. Well,There are some people who hate Cardinal Sin and glad that he is dead,because they allegedly think of cory(RIP) as a puppet of the catholic church(a cause of poverty) and ousting erap who is the"hero of the masses".


  3. Ben, where in my posts did I say I am disconnected to the See of Manila and more to the the person of Cardinal Sin. I just like the way he handles political issues.

    He is less of an ostrich in the face of adversity so to speak.