Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Jew comes to the defense of Pius XII

Rome, Italy, Mar 4, 2010 (CNA).- Joseph Roth was a famous novelist and Austrian Jewish journalist who produced most of his works in exile due to the Nazi invasion of his country. Days after the inauguration of Pius XII as Pontiff, Roth praised his election and remarked that the new Pope was an “enemy of the pre-apocalyptic beasts” of Nazism that were governing Germany. [This is a Jew who lived during those times.  Remember, how people who are far from the actual people and events are, most of the time, the "loud mouths", those who think they know-it-all, as if they lived the actual times, these pseduo historical scholars ala Dan Brown?  You get the picture right?  Happens in our church too for those who like to say things like "But that is how early Christians used to worship.  Does Chupungco ring a bell?]

On Wednesday, L'Osservatore Romano (LOR) published text by Roth written in March 1939 for the 

"Österreichische Post," the Austro-Hungarian monarchy’s newspaper that was printed in Paris.

The article recounted Roth's experience of being in St. Peter's Square on March 12 for the papal inauguration. “The new Pope has been crowned and thus in the middle of the year, a new year, a new decade begins. Judging by his physical characteristics and posture ... this Pope seems to represent, with a zeal that has self-renunciation as its bastion, and a capacity to renounce what is a given, one of the oldest ideals of the Church, the diplomatic spirit, which can never be abdicated,” Roth wrote.

In the same article, the Jewish writer, who in his younger years signed his work as “Joseph the Red,” for his closeness with Communism said, “The (Nazi) pre-apocalyptic beasts who now dominate politics are already alluding to their true motives for persecuting the Church. He (Pius XII) is the only one who really hurts them. What’s more, those who were not afraid of the Pope before are now afraid of this one.”

The LOR article explained that this writing by Roth constitutes “an unusual apology for Catholicism, from the point of view of someone who is immersed in an endless escape and is seeking the help of the oldest institution.” The article has a few lines “celebrating the diplomacy of the Pope” who was also the Apostolic Nuncio to Germany when he “signed the Concordat and 50 statements of protest sent to the National Socialist government because of its repeated violations.”

Roth also wrote articles for the "Österreichische Post" that were critical of Marxists biases and of the superficiality of several Vatican observers.

Other books by Roth include, “The Flight Without End,” and “The Rebellion.” His most famous work is “The Radetzky March,” which follows a family during the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Again...the burden of proof shifts to those who are rabidly anti-Catholic and therefore anti-Pius XII


  1. Off topic. I have read Fr Chupungco's essay where he revels in being an honorary Lutheran. Now the Lutherans were not comfy with Chupungco's attempt to inculturate the Lutheran liturgy. The Lutherans want to contextualize it.

    Now Fr Chupungco writes glowingly about the Misa ng Bayang Filipino, which hasn't got Rome's approval. I find Chupungco's inculturated liturgy quite odd. The Lutherans may have more sense!

  2. Ben, he is an old guy trying to find ways to stay in the market. His life's work is going down the drain no matter what he tries to do. Younger priests in the Archdiocese can't wait to see him and Diwa off the Liturgy ministry in the Archdiocese. I have talked to some priests of the Archdiocese, one of them assigned in a major shrine. He was the one who said that. Now that says a lot.

    He once delivered a lecture extolling the heretic Luther's vision of the Liturgy. As far as I can see it, Chupungco's Mass is nothing compared to how the Lutherans conduct their liturgy, in matters of externals only ok. Lutherans do not believe in the Real Presence so there's the difference. So if Chupungco praises Luther's liturgy, would that mean....?

    So with this kind of thinking, we would he even be surprised if his Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino would not get Rome's nod? Was he even trying to think that Rome would issue another apology, like the Galileo thing, now this time for Luther, just like some nuthead once suggested? No way! In your dreams!

    I heard from those who are privy to the situation, that Fr. Anscar has an "axe to grind" with the former Cardinal Ratzinger because reportedly and allegedly, the cardinal was instrumental for Fr. Anscar's dismissal from Sant Anselmo. How true? I don't know. But this I am sure. Fr. Anscar does not like Papa Benny's "Reform of the Reform" and hermeneutic of continuity.

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