Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally, the cardinal has spoken!

MANILA, Feb. 19, 2010—Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales has joined the growing chorus of those opposing the likelihood of President Arroyo becoming House Speaker if ever she wins a seat in Congress.

The influential Archbishop of Manila said Mrs Arroyo as House Speaker is nothing but an insult to the country’s democracy.

“It’s not a good sign (if she’ll become House Speaker),” Rosales lamented in an interview over Church-run Radyo Veritas. [Arroyo's father, the late former president Diosdado Macapagal when he was a congressman and a president was NEVER, even in a newspaper article, implicated in any form of graft and corruption allegations.  He was once referred to as the "Incorruptible". Well, his daughter ruined that immaculate reputation.  As Cindy Lauper once said, "Money changes everything."]

The cardinal said Mrs. Arroyo and her allies should let others fill the said key position in the Lower House “out of delicadeza”. [sense of propriety which politicians do not even care what the world thinks of them just as long as they are in power and raking in the billions while millions starve to death!]

Development ideas can’t be monopolized by one person only,” he said. “We cannot monopolize good leadership.”[aka "Who does she think she is?]

“I think we should respect other’s giftedness and give them a chance to become a leader in the government or any other organization,” added Rosales.

Allies of Arroyo in Congress assured that she can easily get House speakership if she is elected congresswoman. [Hell yeah.  Money is the name of the game in the election of the Speakership.  How did I know?  I was a newspaper correspondent at the House...before.]

Ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD stalwart and Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano III said they are going to field Arroyo as Speaker “and she has a big chance to be the House Speaker of the 15th Congress.” [Big chance or Big Money?]

The Constitution bars a president from seeking re-election prompting Arroyo to vie for election in May as representative in Pampanga’s 2nd district. (Roy Lagarde)


Cardinal Rosales, unlike his revered predecessor Cardinal Sin, is not very outspoken when it comes to politics.  But when Arroyo is running the country like her own back yard, the cardinal let loose what Filipinos have been asking him to do for a veery long time.  My friends at the "inner circles" have been asking the cardinal to make a bolder statement against Arroyo in the past but the cardinal maintained that he'd focus first on church governance.  I am no fan of the cardinal especially in terms of liturgical discipline in the archdiocese but I admire his work in Catholic charities most especially his work in Pondo ng Pinoy (Filipino's Fund)  BUT it has been a long awaited comment from the cardinal that is like a drop of water in a parched land.  He is due to retire in two years but he is still cardinal archbishop of the most influential diocese in the whole country.

Thank God for the cardinal's voice!

I think he sees the importance of the role of the Church in the coming general elections in May and how Arroyo, his family and their minions try to stay in power to suck the country dry.

This is one vampire story Filipino teens would disgust.

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