Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bishop Jaucian...Heretic

Bishop Leopoldo Laucian of Bangued Abra sent shockwaves to the Catholic blogosphere when he made the following remark regarding the celebration of the Chinese New Year

“God is present in other religion and culture so the belief in Feng Shui, Astrology, and praying at Buddhist temples should be perceived as instruments that all draws us closer to God."

I posted this on February 13, FYI.

Fellow, Pinoy catholic blogger Carlos Palad of Rorate Coeli and St. John's Valdosta Blog also posted the same.

The reactions and comments of readers?


Read how those who know their Catholic Faith better than this man who happens to be a Catholic bishop, defend their position that Bishop Jaucian is a downright heretic!

Here is the thread in Rorate Coeli.

Here is the thread in St. John's Valdosta.

Holy Father, when will you release us from shepherds who do not even know their Faith?


UPDATE:  Go to this link where the original news from CBCP News was posted and see how the readers posted their reactions.  Some are in Tagalog, understandably though.  BUT none agreed with the bishop.  All are saying:  resign now, heretic...and others.


  1. I wouldn't go as far as accusing the Bishop of heresy, not yet. I would say he is superstitious, unscientific and does no credit to the progress of the Philippines.

    Let me put it this way. After Ondoy, Feng Shui practitioners can get up to 100K or more pesos for their consultancy services while a geologist who has extensive empirical knowledge on why there are floods get only 10K!

    Bishop Jaucian is just advertising these quacks and gives the guarantee that God will be with you when you seek Feng Shui advice!

  2. Ben, he should remember who he is and therefore he must be careful of what he says. Judging from what he said, he is, in a way, making a tacit promotion of geomancy, divination and another religion. If telling Catholics it is ok to pray at a Buddhist temple is not heretical, I do not know how to call it.

    Does relativism ring a bell?