Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SNAPSHOT: To what denomination does this church belong to?

a. Lutheran
b. Episcopalian
c. Roman Catholic
d. none of the above
e. all of a, b and c.

The answer, click here.


  1. That is St Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo. I have assisted at Mass there. The Cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Tokyo. Well, the Ateneo Church of the Gesu is as "Protestant" as the Tokyo Cathedral. Some Anglican and even Methodist churches are more "Catholic" than the Tokyo and Ateneo churches.

  2. Right you are blackshama. Some Episcopalian Churches I went into here in the Philippines look more Catholic (pre-Vatican 2)than some Catholic churches. But we have a sudden resurgence of beautifully decorated churches here in the Philippines, (probably because younger priests are taking over) with more of the tabernacles being placed at the center, at the sanctuary rather than in a side altar. Take for example Espiritu Santo Parish Church in Tayuman, Manila. Beautifully decorated!

  3. Thank God. I pray that UP's Holy Sacrifice will revert to its original ecumenical Catholic character as envisioned by Father Delaney and those horrible neo-pagan "artwork" in the garden removed. I would like the garden with plants only since a garden is a window to Paradise just like what our Muslim friends believe. Father Mendel once remarked "There is immortality in a garden" meaning that it is indeed a piece of Paradise.

  4. Got it right. With the Cross very visible, and the pews neatly arranged with the altar in the middle, I have no doubt it's a Catholic Church.

    Thanks for sharing.