Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing the same numbers game

Those in the US who are in favor of abortion once trumpeted that "majority" are in favor of abortion.   The same is happening here in the Philippines for those who are in favor of artificial birth control.  Josemaria Lazaro Paulo Jeronimo Martin Carvalho-von verste sent me an interesting link about the so-called filibusters but which I call "Dan Brown clones" for fabricating history and concocting conspiracy theories all for sexual promiscuity masked as reproductive health.  Does it seem like the filth of Obamanation is creeping slowly into Philippine shores? [Sorry Josemaria.  It's taking me a while to post it.  Tons of work.  I'll try to catch up.]

Read below to see how the numbers game is being used against the pro-abortion champs who play the same game.


Most Favor Abortion Ban for Federally Subsidized Health Plans

Washington D.C., Jan 5, 2010 (CNA).- A new national telephone survey reports that a majority of American voters favor a ban on abortion coverage in federally subsidized health insurance plans, with 39 percent saying they strongly favor it.

About 53 percent of American voters surveyed by Rasmussen Reports said that they support the ban. Another 40 percent said they were opposed, with 26 percent saying they were strongly opposed.

A slight majority of those who strongly support the proposed health care plan were opposed to the provision on abortion funding, while 65 percent of those who strongly oppose the overall plan favor the provision.

Thirteen percent of respondents said they wanted mandatory coverage of abortion.

Overall, about 39 percent of Americans surveyed by Rasmussen support the health care legislation. [but without abortion funding which pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Pelosi, Kennedy, Sebelius, et al are championing.  I say...EXCOMMUNICATE THEM NOW!]

The Rasmussen Reports survey, whose results were released on Jan. 3, focused on abortion in federally subsidized insurance plans.

Opposition to direct government funding of abortion is reportedly stronger. A Dec. 22 Quinnipiac University survey said that 72 percent of Americans oppose public funding of abortion in health care legislation.


Will the agents of death honor the voice of the American people?

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