Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interesting exchange...

My post on the call of Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Soc Villegas for liturgical discipline elicited quite an interesting exchange between me and some readers.

Here is an excerpt from the interesting reaction from Novus Catholicus:

Pinoycatholic said, "Some priests are too stingy when it comes to linens and vestments used for the liturgy..."

And you said, "The Tridentine panoply is not an absolute requirement for the OF. It could be sacredly simple Some parishes I don't think can afford all those traditional vestments that EF advocates want..."

I don't think you get the point of pinoycatholic. He was advocating for dignified vestments worthy of the sacred... I don't see anything in his comments about linens and vestments that are of the "Tridentine panoply." Or do you just mean that wearing beautiful vestments would automatically mean "Tridentine panoply"? Just curious...

You say not all parishes can't afford beautiful vestments? Oh come on, a beautiful vestment does not automatically mean it is expensive... I know of a priest who wears very dignified vestment with rich and very Catholic symbolism which costed him for not a so big amount.

I for my part am somewhat saddened when I see parishes spending a lot for outings, picnics, and "creativities for liturgy" that devoid the mass of sacredness and yet would not mind how ugly and unworthy of the sacredness of the liturgy the linens, the vessels, and vestments being used at church.


Thanks for reading TPC Novus Catholicus and for posting.

Other dear TPC readers, what do you think?

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