Friday, December 4, 2009

Great new Facebook Group

I found this great new group on Facebook.  "GET BACK IN THE BOX".  It is a "Movement to Encourage Catholics to frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation / Penance".  It was recommended to me by a very dear friend and I encourage those with Facebook accounts to join in.

When was the last time you received this sacrament?

See the guy behind the confession screen?

Other great FB groups are SLAP (Survivors of Liturgical Abuse of Parishes), GULP (God's Undercover Liturgical Police).  Come and join!

Pass the word!


Just in...from Zenit

Benedict XVI Invites Faithful to Confession 

Notes 25 Years Since John Paul II's Document on Sacrament

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 2, 2009 ( Benedict XVI today encouraged the faithful -- and particularly priests -- to trust in God's goodness and approach the sacrament of confession.

The Pope spoke of this sacrament today as he concluded the general audience in St. Peter's Square. In his customary greeting to youth, the sick and newlyweds, he observed that today marks the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's apostolic exhortation, "Reconciliatio et paenitentia."

The document "called attention to the importance of the sacrament of penance [hmm interesting term the Holy Father used.] in the life of the Church," the Holy Father said. And he pointed to some "extraordinary 'apostles of the confessional,' tireless dispensers of divine mercy: Sts. John Mary Vianney, Joseph Cafasso, Leopold Mandic, Pio of Pietrelcina."[Another reason why Papa Benny declared the Year of the Priest!  I personally experience priests who are devoted to this Sacrament exude an aura of holiness around them.  And related to that, they celebrate Mass, solemnly!  Do you notice the same in your priests?  Share your thoughts.]

Turning to youth, he expressed his hope that the witness of these saints would be an encouragement "to flee from sin and to plan your future as a generous service to God and neighbor."

The Holy Father continued: "May it help you, dear sick people, to experience in suffering the mercy of Christ crucified. And may it solicit you, dear newlyweds, to create in the family a climate of faith and of mutual understanding."[Calls to mind the great apostolic letter of John Paul II, "Salvifici Doloris".  Worth reading!]

Finally, the Pontiff expressed his wish that these saints -- "assiduous and faithful ministers of divine forgiveness" -- would be for priests especially and for all Christians "an invitation to always have confidence in God's goodness, approaching and celebrating with trust the sacrament of reconciliation."

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